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The Holy Spirit is moving through my college New Testament class. If any of you read my thread last week titled “was I rude” then you know what kind of attitudes permeate my online class.

This week, we are discussing the authority of the Magisterium vs. the authority of all to intrepret scripture. After hearing my pro-Magisterium argument, my class of non-Catholics are all conceding that the Magisterium creates a unified belief system, preserving and protecting the Apostolic Church. Yay!

I just wanted to tell you all that so if anyone is doubting how they can stand up for the faith and reach people, believe me if it can be done in a college class full of critics, you can do it too! :thumbsup:


Praise God and Thanks to the Holy Spirit.
Your ability to communicate is a blessing.:thumbsup:

Could you or would you post all or part of your argument here?



I would be interested in this as well…


I believe it was posted in the “Was I rude” thread.


What was posted there related to Holy Orders, not the authority of the Magisterium.



*Should the Magisterium have the final word on what the scriptures mean or was the Bible written so everybody can declare definitively that scripture says whatever they think it says?
I think there is certainly room for scripture to have personal meaning, but when it comes to necessary Christian teachings, those that are not explicitly explained in the Bible are implicit and are explained through Apostolic Tradition which continues through the work of the Magisterium.

As we learned early on in this course, the first goal of interpretation is to discover the meaning of scripture exegetically. That is to consider time, context, writing style, and cultural factors that influence the text in order to extrapolate the meaning. The second goal of interpretation is applying scripture to everyday life, aka hermeneutics. It is the sheer subjectivity of the Bible that requires the authority of the Magisterium to interpret the scriptures, both exegetically and hermeneutically. The Magisterium is comprised of all the bishops, who act to preserve and protect the original meanings of the scripture based on comprehensive exegesis and Apostolic Tradition passed down through the ages. When all have authority, whom can you trust? Does it really make sense to place something as important to the Christian faith as the application of the scriptures in the hands of just anybody?

Subsequently, everyone has been agreeing with me. :slight_smile: I’m pretty excited.


Well and succinctly put. Congrats.



This was nicely done. I do not think I could have done as well and been so succinct. :tiphat:


Very, very nicely written.


Update: my classmates are conceding the need for a Magisterium to provide a unified Apostolic faith. However there are a handful who don’t believe in God or aren’t sure about organized religion…yet they still agree with my argument!

So hopefully someday if they ever contemplate which is the One True Faith, they will remember our little chat about the Magisterium and be steered home. Sometimes that’s my only solace in today’s world…that someone will remember something a Catholic said or did once and it will stay with them and open them up to the Holy Spirit. Sure reminds me to be kind because I am so far from perfect. One slip and that may be upon which they base their judgment of the entire Church. Good thing there’s confession! :wink:


Congratulations in putting forth a reasoned explanation/apologetic.

I am having a discussion (just started) with an ex-Catholic who is using the Sola Scriptura type view. We have to read the Bible ourselves (he says), and then we will see that these Catholic beliefs are un-Biblical, and the Church is decieving many people – that Transubstantiation wasn’t taught in Acts, etc., and so we are idol worshipers!..

I have challenged him about authority; by what authority the canon of scripture was compiled in the 1st place. That he must think the followers of the apostles got it wrong (referring to Iraneaus). His answer to that is “don’t believe what men have written, just go by the Bible” and lots of references to Acts.

I hope he will get back to answering my questions about authority & sola scriptura (that it’s unbiblical). I’ve already sent him the link to

In reading other articles this person has written about Mary (she’s lumped in with New Age Goddess worship, of course), he cites many visionaries who have not been approved as valid by the VAtican. One of whom I googled and nothing showed up!

I doubt I will be able to get anywhere with this guy, since he won’t acknowledge history and apostolic succession, but we’ll see what happens.

Maybe I can get him to join the discussion here…

God bless,


Keep trying Mimi! If only one soul is returned to the Church, it’s worth it :slight_smile:


That is awesome. I have fundamentalist relatives with some of whom were very anti-Catholic, so I was very closed lipped when our family started attending the Catholic Church. I was received into full communion this past November and the rest of my immediate family iare in different parts of the RCIA process and Childrens’ RCIA. Anyway, eventually the cat was out of the bag and my Fundamentalist relatives started in with all the usual misconceptions. I gently explained the correct Catholic interpretations. They aren’t going to become Catholic anytime soon but they are much more understanding and accepting now. :slight_smile:


WELCOME HOME:thumbsup: :smiley:


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