Standing up to Satan?



I am a bit confused & this topic has been on my mind for awhile now. Not sure if I’m right about it.

For a long time now St. Michael has been my patron saint. I have always admired the way he has been obedient & faithful to God (also both our names share the same meaning :blush: )…

But I have noticed that no other saint, angel or archangel has stood up to Satan the way St. Michael does (which is what I admire the most). He always fights Satan physically & not just by praying. Not that I have a low opinion of the other saints & angels, nor do I think that they are not important. I have always read about how they have overcome Satan or demons by praying but never fighting them.

I’m not saying that we should all stand up to him on our own & become proud thinking that we are strong on our own. But just like St. Michael, have absolute faith in God & fight Satan the way he does.

I always want to be fearless like St. Michael & stand up to Satan (while having absolute faith in Gods power).

Would love everyone’s opinion if whatever I mentioned is wrong.

May St. Michael always protect us.

Micah Linhares


St Michael is an archangel.

Angels have præternatural power, which is greater than natural power.

Devils like satan too have præternatural power, as they were originally angels.

When you hear of human saints having confrontations with the devil (ie St Padre Pio), it is usually them getting beat up, and not the other way around.

You usually cannot physcially touch satan, and usually our battles are in temptation. We rely on the power of God and His angels to help us.

We humans are weak compared to angels or devils, and you likely will not come into physical contact with satan.

Work instead on the moral battlefield in standing up to evil.


Thanks a lot. Never seen it from this point.


Archangel Michael defeated Satan intellectually. Angels have no physical aspect to their being. They cannot physically fight one another.

Any reference to St. Michael physically beating Satan is a metaphor.


Although St. Padre Pio was physically assaulted by demons, he did not lose the fights. It’s like, “You should see the other guy.” The demons suffered more than Padre Pio from the battle.


In terms of physical beatings, I mean.
St Pio did not physically beat satan, but by standing up for what is right and just in God, beat him up in that way.


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