'star of David' is star of remphan


I am having a lot of problems seeing what I am writing due to pop ups.

I wanted to reply to a thread on the so called star of david. It is the star nf ramphen. To do with moloch. Anyone who wants to know more can google it.

The so called ‘flower of life’ is the flower of death.

There is a lot of misrepresentation of satanic/lucifarian symbols, to soften them and to mislead people.

When searching for the meanin of a symbol, try using te1rms such ap ‘satanic meaning of pentogram’, but even then don’t expect to get the whole truth.

Simply, beware of all non-Catholic symbols.


Uh huh…


you realize most symbols at some point had differing meanings? Look at the pentagram it was used in early Christianity, the cross wa used by ancient Egyptians, and so on and so forth my moms a secular Jew and she wears a Magden David it’s to my knowledge not a symbol of moloch. If it were I doubt Solomon would have inscribed the holy temple with it


Symbols, like words are transient. They mean what ever concept those who use it attach to it.


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