Star Trek Actor Who Paid for Three Abortions Now Condemns "Right to Choose...

By Kathleen GilbertLOS ANGELES, February 2, 2009 ( - Actor Gary Graham knew that by writing about his personal experience and rejection of abortion, he would be incurring the ire of not a few among the Hollywood elite.Yet a blog column posted last Tuesday by the seasoned actor,…

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Wish this could be an article in the LA papers. Did this news ever get in the mainline press?

WOW! Good for him!

What Star Trek was he in? I don’t recognize the name.


According to IMDB, he played Vulcan Ambassador Soval in 12 episodes of Enterprise. He was in one episode of Voyager as the character Tanis. He was apparently also in the unofficial Star Trek: of Gods and Men.

What a powerful message.

Wonder how many job offers he gets after this?

I understand where’s he’s coming from. I had an abortion when I was twenty-two years old. Yes Virginia, men have abortions too.

My girlfriend and I fell for those democrat feminists’ garbage lies. We ended up getting married for twenty-three years God rest her soul. She ended up getting breast cancer.

Of course all those pro-death democrats never tell women about the abortion-breast-cancer link or say it’s not true!

When I see those people talking about women’s rights and the right to choose to kill their babies in the name of rights; I just want too puke!

That explains it. I didn’t watch Enterprise. Thanks for the come-back.


I read that he had some kind of spiritual epiphany. Does anyone know anything about Graham’s religious affiliation? He sounds awfully Catholic!

Well then, when he gets pregnant, we know what his decision will be! Isn’t that special? :stuck_out_tongue:

If he feels so strongly on the matter, too bad he couldn’t keep it in his pants before, or be bothered with either using protection, or marrying and raising children. What a jerk. He can take that ‘epiphany’ and put it where the sun does not shine.

At the very least, he should have limited himself to saying that he has decided that abortion is not something he can support by his (current) moral standards, and that he, at least, will neither risk impregnating any women who do not wish to have a child, WILL greatly help support any women he does impregnate and the resulting children, and show a little more humility and fewer crocodile tears.

It ought to be admitted that a violent end to a pregnancy is bound to be a shock to the system. Even a miscarriage is not good.

"Graham described the irresponsibility of his youth that made abortion the convenient option for a drug-fueled, “free-love” lifestyle. He confessed to having paid for multiple abortions for girlfriends, observing that abortion “sure took the pressure off of me, a guy, interested in sex who had been raised in the era of, ‘Hey, you get a girl pregnant, you marry her!’” But then, he says, a “spiritual awakening” brought him to a "tearful epiphany of what it meant for a man to be with a woman, what sex was really designed for by our Creator and … what abortion is."Well, a lot of people who have had abortions have a change of heart at some point in their lives: women who’ve had abortions, men who’ve impregnated them and helped them have abortions. That’s a good thing.

I’ve always thought that abortion was more about men’s rights than it was about women’s rights. It’s about a man’s right to say, "No, I have no intention of marrying you, or of helping you support a child. You’ve got a choice. You have the kid, you pay for it and support it, not me."
If it weren’t about men’s rights, it would never have become law.

Here is the disconnect you have come to this forum to overcome about what IMHO appears to be your fear or maybe out-right hatred of people of faith. You seem to think Christians should be perfect, or they are hypocrites, so it is easy for you to make fun or be critical.

But in reality we all, you too by the way, are flawed. Even so God loved us so much He gave us the freedom to choose between right and wrong. When one of us comes to the conclusion that we are flawed, and that we are made to be better then our past choices He is waiting there with warmth and open arms to bring us the rest of the way home.

Go ahead and have your fun, for in the long run you will find we Christians are waiting for you, along with our Father for the day when you see how much He and we love you despite yourself.

When you see Christ upon the Cross, one day you will understand, he pulled those nails out of that tree and they are wide open ready to grab you and hold you close . PAX

So, true I wish I had the stats, but somewhere I read about a poll that shows it appears the percentage of men that support abortion dwarfs the percentage of women that do and it is women in my parish that are the leaders of our parish pro-life work.

And in my work with guys in recovery there are more and more that willing to express their regret in forcing women into having abortions, for many it had been part of the pain they carried, that is, holding on to in secret and being afraid to talk about.

There is growing strength in the momentum of the silent no more campaign. God bless this actor for speaking out.


Bennie P, I said nothing whatsoever about hating or fearing people of faith, or Christians, or anyone else - although I did express contempt for this particular individual. I saw nothing in the article regarding personally assisting or even apologizing to the individuals he had sex with and left by the wayside, for one thing.

You made so many entirely unfounded assumptions about me for not following the herd (just for one example the bit about ‘having my fun’ and that’s just one little sample) that I hardly even know where to begin to bother answering.

Hatred and fear may be involved in this interchange, but not on my side. This actor is in my perception, wrong, and from reading the article, not even a convincingly contrite one.

If you’d like good reading from this point of view, check out the Feminists for Life organization. Their paradigm is secular, but they highlight the fact that virtually all of the founding foremothers of the suffragette movement were adamantly pro-life. Funny how NOW never acknowledges this fact! :rolleyes:


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