Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Does anyone else really like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I’m watching Season 1 at the moment and i think it’s amazing. I’ve watched some of Next Generation before, but never got really into it. Voyager is okay, but the characters and the storylines just aren’t as good as DS9. And in Voyager, episodes always seem to feature them going back in the past or into the future but never seem to feature them in the present. And they speak like automated computers, it’s annoying.

So yeah, anyone else a Deep space Nine fan?

Has anyone noticed how rarely they mention religion or spirituality on Voyager? I remember watching an episode featuring B’Elanna and she wanted to explore her Klingon religion and Captain Janeway didn’t really want her too. Religion and/or spirituality is definitely something more accepted on Deep Space Nine.

Are you watching it on DVD or is it being aired?

I enjoyed DS9. I remember watching it at 6 pm on Sundays when I was a kid. :slight_smile: I liked the fact that they weren’t afraid to talk about religious themes. They didn’t shy away from them like so many shows did (and still do). DS9 went in so many different directions and dealt with so many things that I don’t really remember what I finally thought about it haha…it was definitely a good show though! :thumbsup:

Most hard core trekkers endured the first year of DS9. I thought the last three episodes of year one are among the best limited arc of all the years of Trek broadcast. One famous, in Trek circles, magazine editor Mark Altman published the headline of his season review: “Star Trek Dazed and Confused” or something to that effect.

By season 3 or 4 it either becomes your favorite Trek because they tackled things like religious faith and the actual cost of an interstellar war much better then the other Trek series, Or you don’t like the dark side by Trek standards and it was the beginning of the end which Voyager, Enterprise and the later TNG movies brought about.

IMO DS9 was the best of the Trek series after TOS. I used to watch it every Sunday night after work while doing laundry. I have a lot of great memories of watching that show, I really dug it. It gets majorly overlooked but I thought it had some of the best Trek episodes ever. Avery Brooks is one heck of an actor.

Being a trekkie myself, I look at it from a different perspective all together. It’s the pioneering, fly by your seat approach deep space has to offer. I liked in the original Star Trek series, space stations/bases were hard to come by, so you didn’t have so much support while you were out in space, Voyager was set in that context and theme, even to large extremes, yet it rarely faced opposition that was far in excess, superior to it’s technology from hostiles and allies alike borge excluded. This gave it some kind of a safety blanket when it comes down to it, so fell short along staying true to that theme.

The rest seemed like they has so much in place ahead of them, they weren’t exploring much outside of the immediate vacinity of civilization. I do agree on Deep Space 9, they did well along the alien inner cultural elements, Gene left a ton behind to be able to grapple and expand upon, from the very first star trek as well, so awesome to see how things panned out, yet it moved way too slowly, that upon doing so, so much in the given area of the base, you would think by now, things would be in place to eliminate any unnecessary drama and threats to the place, for many people had a vested interest in it., character wise at least.

He sure is! And I want to add one thing to my prior statement: maybe one of my favorite things about DS9 was that it was from an era when there were still fun tv shows. It was a happier, more chilled-out decade; and shows like DS9 could be cool, intense, exciting, engrossing, and thought-provoking at the same time. I don’t think we’ll see another show like it.

Deep Space Nine is my favorite Star Trek series. By serializing the story somewhat and keeping the station in the same place, it allows characters to develop and characters have to face the consequences of their action. Anyone who likes Deep Space Nine, I would also recommend you check out Babylon 5.

DS9 had some slow spots, but overall I think it’s one of the better series.

Quark and Nom, of course, were the best.

I agree with the poster who said DS9 is his favourite after TOS, also Avery Brooks portrayal of Benjamin Sisko was one of the main highlights. Especially his growth and change as a character throughout the show. Also, Kira Nerys has to be one of my other overall favourite characters - if only because I could generally identify with her as we shared a similar outlook on many things.

Of all the ST Captains Kirk, Sisko and Picard have grabbed my imagination and interested me in diffierent ways. Janeway and Archer later never grabbed hold of me at all though. I found Sisko to be a complicated man, proud, dignified, an authority figure but also capable of great sensitivity and humour.

It is on TV. I’m actually at season 306.


Avery Brooks is a great actor! I love the relationship his character Benjamin Sisko has with his son Jake Sisko, they are like family off set as well.

Don’t you wish space technology was at this level already, gravity control, clocked spaceships, transporter etc.

One thing I do find interesting about Voyager is the interaction with the Borg. The whole collective, assimilation, it’s like modern society, and/or the idea of the Illumanati - no one wants you to have individuality, no religion or spirituality, constantly supervised in the Collective, etc.

Quark is awesome, lol. I’ve always thought it would be really cool to go out with that whole alien make up on and see what people’s reactions would be. It looks so realistic!

If you look around yourself at the general population, you’ll see how we are very much moving towards being just like the Borg. We have people walking around with technology hanging from their body’s, communicating through a vast network, the WWW that has one collective mind, medical advances integrating technology within our very structures of our body’s, and it’s getting worse and worse as time moves forward. In my opinion, this is leading towards what’s mentioned along having the sign of the beast from revelations, that eventually it will be a matter of those that have fully integrated their minds into the collective and those that have refused.

Along space travel, it’s been a side project of mine for many years, how it’s done in theory is very simple, not at all that complication, application wise, surviving the trip is another matter, not to mention, where we can actually go, for we have no star charts that are of any use to us, ie. we’d be flying blind into random areas of space that may, or may not be able to sustain life., so even the recovered flying saucers that I know we have, are of little use to us even if we did manage to learn how to make them work in full.

I know, tangent there, but if you look at everything presented within the star trek saga’s, the volume of things that started out as science fiction, are common place science fact today, this will include space travel.,

What channel?

My favorite character, or at least the one I find the most interesting is Garrak. Deep Space Nine is the only Star Trek series that can maintain supporting characters of his calibur.

I loved DS9. But I remember that a lot of my Trekkie associates did not. They either thought it was too much of a soap opera or that it was a sub par version of Babylon Five.

I was a big fan of both the original Trek and Next Gen. Deep Space Nine was very different but I still loved it. (Well, except for the last season. I didn’t like the last season of DS9.) I loved the character development that was possible in DS9.

I totally agree. He is a fascinating character! I always suspected there was more to him then sewing up loose buttons! :thumbsup:

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