Star Trek Movie Trailer

The new Star Trek movie trailer:

Star Trek for the I-Pod Generation! Definitely not your father’s Star Trek.

Spock giving in to emotion?

Have we heard of that!?


I’m excited, and I thoroughly enjoy TOS.

Spock seems reasonable but while I don’t expect someone to copy Shatner’s particular mannerisms the actor playing him looks far too baby faced to be believeable as the captain. It’s one reason I prefered Sisko of all the Star Trek captains in the long run as I felt he had the strongest sense of authority of them all with Picard as a close second. Janeway mae so many ethically poor decisions I felt she should have been stripped of command at some points as an aside. I could see myself taking an order from Sisko and respecting him as he came across as professional and driven - this actor playing Kirk looks like a pretty boy.

Although I’m sure I’ll see the movie, I’m disappointed with the sexual content shown in the trailer and what it presages for the completed film. Most of the previous Trek films did just fine without such content.

I had those same concerns as you, but I have read that there really isn’t any any and what we see in the trailer is pretty much it.

Word is that Kirk isn’t captain here. Christopher Pike is still captain of the Enterprise as of this movie’s timeline.

Which is strange if you have watched much of TOS where several episodes reference Kirk’s prior events as an ensign and lieutenant.

This Star Trek movie is supposed to a “rebooting” of the entire thing, so old episodes really won’t play into this with complete accuracy.

Essentially what they did with Sci Fi’s Battlestar Galactica.

Ungh, why must they all be/look so young? The old guys sit in chairs on the bridge, and the young guys wear red, go planet side, and die horrible deaths. Kinda Darwinian, I guess. If you can survive to be wrinkled and have a decent looking, character filled face (or at very least, grow some hair on it), and more ambition than going really fast and getting ahem some “action” cough (teenagers) cough THEN you get to sit on the bridge in swively chairs. And possibly even push bottons.

The youthfulness is distracting - part of the original series charm was that for all the campness of it Bones was of a believable age and Scotty also and the fact they didn’t look like cool teenage types was actually a good thing. Even Kirk who was supposed to be one of the youngest captains in starfleet history looked like a mature adult and not straight out of college.

I’ve heard that in this move all the main cast will meet via starfleet academy - I really hope that is an untrue rumor as it would seem contrived to say the least. The fact that Spock had actually served on the Enterprise far longer than Kirk in the original series was interesting and the fact all the characters were established as having histories in the service before been assigned to the Enterprise was a good thing. I see they have kept the initial enmity between Spock and Kirk or at least it appears that way watching that slight trailer. That was one of the better things from the TOS - the first few episodes showed Spock and Kirk evolving to know each other. Then again I’ve always found Spock to be the more interesting of the two and along with Major Kira, Odo and Sisko among the more interesting characters in Star Trek history.

I’ll watch the movie before I go all fanboy and deem it terrible but I was of the opinion that I would probably have let the franchise die a quite death myself. But I understand there’s too much cash and merchandising wrapped up in for that at this point.

Spoiler Alert:

From what I’ve gathered, the time travel element of the Romulans alters everything. Kirk is not raised by his parents, so he is reluctant to entire Starfleet; the Constituion class ships are now built on Earth and not in Earth’s orbit for safety reasons, etc.

it might be a good sci-fi action movie, but it isn’t Star Trek. Star Trek has a certain of dignity and intelligence that typical action films/tv shows don’t have. I think it would have been a better movie if they brought back Kirk (Shatner) who was resurrected by the Borg and pit him against Picard. But hey that is just my opinion. Because in my opinion only one man can fit into the Captain’s uniform (including literally, hehe).

BAH!!! I hate to tell them this but it looks they are going to really be disappointing the fans with this one. That does not look like Star Trek. It looks like something completely different. They would have been better to just stick with the tried and true.

Although I’m sure I’ll see the movie, I’m disappointed with the sexual content shown in the trailer and what it presages for the completed film. Most of the previous Trek films did just fine without such content.

I agree. :frowning:

I love everything Trek, but this movie looks like a dud.


I read somewhere that the sexual content isn’t as bad as the trailer made it out to be; apparently the worst of it was in the trailer itself.

I’m a fairly new Trekkie. I’ll miss the original actors (besides Nimoy), but I’m postponing my judgment on the movie for a while longer. Hopefully, Steven Greydanus will have a review up as soon as it’s out. I always like his input.

I have a difficult time even saying I’ll reserve judgement before I even see it, but I don’t see how anyone besides the cast of TOS can play the characters. I guess it’s a good thing that it has a cast of (pretty much) not well known actors, because if it had Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (as very early rumors suggested), I know I would DEFINATELY not see it in the theaters. As it is, this will be the first movie I’ll see that I won’t be in my Starfleet costume.

Nuq neH,

I’m kind of sad because a “reboot” means that we’ll likely never see any follow up of the Next Generation characters, including the DS9 crew or the Voyager characters.

Plus, I’m kind of burned out on “reboots” and redefinitions of things from my youth.

Except Batman Begins and Dark Knight, but those were more like getting back to their roots than twisting the mythos into something it wasn’t to begin with.

I’m not at all inclined to see it, and there’s part of me that hope it does very, very badly so they don’t make another [like Golden Compass].

It’s just dis-respectful to the fans and the source material. For instance, Spock is decades older than the humans in TOS [a ‘real’ treker would know the number I don’t, ergo, not treker], in the film will be a contemporary.

I’m a fan of the re-booted BSG, but inthat instance the sournce material wasn’t really worth respecting, and only consisted of a few episodes.

Not like the Star Trek universe at all…

I agree. I don’t know much about any of these new actors (don’t watch Heroes, so I can’t say anything about Zachary Quinto). The one actor I’ve got major reservations about is the one I’ve already seen in something else. Chris Pine, the love interest of Princess Diaries 2 is supposed to be the young William Shatner? He’s gonna have to do really well to pull it off for me.

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