Star Trek The Original Series

I’m really starting to finally like Star Trek. I’ve really gotten into the original series AFTEr seeing Robert Wise’s directors cut edition of “The motion Picture” it got me interested in the TV series finally and so I’ve gotten the very first series I love it…

Any other fans out there of “The Original Series”?

What did people think of “Where No man has gone before”? that is a very interesting episode to me.

To some of us (Well, to me, anyway), there is no *Star Trek except *The Original Series (or, as I call it: The Old Show) and films II, IV, and VI… :stuck_out_tongue:

:ehh: (<- “fascinating” Vulcan smiley)

The original Star Trek RULES!!!

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” ranks right up there with the best.

My favorite episode is “City on the Edge of Forever”; also “The Trouble With Tribbles” is a classic.

My favorite was the one with Joan Collins in it. I first read it in one of those photo-comic books that have individual frames with bubble- words added. I’ve been a fan ever since. They are very true to the episode. I never watch the spin offs. And the only movie I like is the one with the whale. Getting the series on Netflix pretty soon.

This series had many Christian themes. The language was clean. The stories were almost all well done (the occasional so-so or not as good story). It was worthwhile entertainment for the whole family.

My only quibble would be the women with the short skirts and a few others dressed provocatively.

There was even an episode with a chapel scene and a podium with a Cross.

God bless,

Another “TOS” fan here. I’m sure I’ve driven many family members crazy watching all those reruns.

The funny thing is that I loved NextGen, DS9, and at least some of Voyager and Enterprise when they came along. I love the characters but I can’t seem to really enjoy those series in reruns. But the Original Series is still fun to watch. Oh, I liked the animated series too.:o In fact I really like the animated one where Spock goes back in time to save himself as a child. The animation wasn’t very good but the stories were okay.

I confess I never really thought that much of City on the Edge of Forever (the Joan Collins one). I don’t dislike it; I just don’t REALLY like it. I do think that this episode was important in sci fi lore, however. It popularized the idea that the past can’t be changed without affecting the future. (I think they call this the grandfather effect or something like that?) Unfotunately Enterprise fell in love with the idea of playing with the ‘time continuum’ and largely ruined it for me.

I did like the Trouble with Tribbles. And I liked the Mirror universe one. DS9 also had fun with that idea without *over-*doing it.

The original series is the best. All the others pale in comparison.

Come on! The original series and Next Generation were both aggressively atheistic. Gene Roddenberry made a point of insisting that no humans could be shown practicing any religion, because he was confident that in the future utopia religion would be gone. Deep Space Nine moved away from this and actually had some interesting explorations of religious themes. Voyager was mostly New-Agey gobbledygook when it dealt with religion.

Sure there are some “Christian themes” in the sense of moral principles, etc., but you can find that anywhere.


*Ahem *Have you never seen the episode, Bread and Circuses?

Back aboard the Enterprise, Uhura realizes that the “Sun” worshippers were actually worshipping the “Son” - of God, ie Jesus Christ.


Yep, I like all of the series, except for the last one - Enterprise. I just couldn’t get into it like I did the other three.

Religion was an aspect of Star Trek. In one episode, a man from a primitive race talks about how hearing the words of the Son changed him. Later, Captain Kirk decides he was talking about Sun worship. Uhura corrects him, “He was talking about the Son of God.”

I know about Gene Roddenberry’s beliefs. And it’s too bad that Arthur C. Clarke also sees religion as a problem, but that’s another topic.

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Love the original Star Trek. One of my favorite episodes is the one with the Yangs and the Comms. As I recall, the Yangs have a copy of the US Constitution, and when the crew realizes what Kirk recites the preamble as only Kirk can.

“The hour of Landrew” has become a catch phrase in my family for rush hour traffic.

I also liked how the the original series had an ample supply of guys in red shirts that could be killed off in each episode. Even though none of the main characters was going to die, it added to the suspense to know they were in danger. In the newer series, it was a rare occurrence when someone was killed, so you never felt like they were ever in any real danger.

:smiley: So much of the original Star Trek has made it into our modern culture. To this day, Red Shirt is a phrase used to describe a disposible character who is unlikely to live to see the end of a story.

I just shake my head when I hear those commercials for Kaiser Permanente with the Live Long and Thrive tagline. I want to shout, “It’s ‘live long and prosper!’”

I’ve also noticed that Spock’s death scene in the Wrath of Khan movie has been copied in other television programs and movies.

Well I don’t know what Roddenberry’s intentions were, but in the episode “Bread & Circus” it was blantantly mentioned that the Son of God was causing the end of the roman-like empire on that planet.

I agree… TOS was the very best Star Trek.

Star Trek dealt with a lot of themes, including religion. I don’t remember the exact quote but I remember Kirk saying something like, “Ceasar and Christ, they had them both,” at the end of “Bread and Circus”. There was some other phrase about a philosophy of brotherhood and peace or something. I don’t remember. It’s probably been years since I’ve seen that episode. (And kind of scary that I remember as much as I do.)

But I always assumed that it was the behaviors of the people as a result of their Christian belief rather than the belief itself that Star Trek was promoting.

I like all the series. I love TOS but enjoyed the movies a lot more. Wrath of Khan was such a classic. DS9 is great b/c you finally get to see the Federation in a protracted battle with someone. It’s not all “can’t we just get along.” Voyager was good but could have been better with more Borg episodes. Enterprise was good but was so canon-bound…

I’m not looking to this new movie if it’s actually a Kirk and Spock at Star Fleet Academy pic. That’s just what I want to see…Spock doing a keg stand…

Is there really another ST movie coming out?

Really? With Kirk making out with a new love interest in almost every episode, often after knowing the lady for mere moments? :smiley: He was a ladies man…

Excellent point. I haven’t seen that episdode for years, maybe decades, yet it still stays with me…

In my opinion, Next Generation was clearly the best of the series, with the original coming in second (although the original “broke more ground”). The characters in the Next Generation were more complex, I think, while most of the characters in the original series, with the possible exception of Spoke, were fairly one dimensional. I would place a distant third–entertaining with them lost in a different quadrant of the galaxy, but I missed much of the orginal Star Trek races and peoples. Next would be Enterprise. Usually I dislike “prequels” because we know, ultimately, what’s going to happen, right? Nonetheless, seeing the elaboration on the early years of space exploration in the Star Trek universe was interesting. Least worthwhile (with the exception of the old animated star trek series :stuck_out_tongue: ) is Deep Space Nine. Having a Ferengi as a regular character was worthwhile, but for some reason it just didn’t click with me. I guess that was because there really couldn’t be much in the way of exploration set as it was on a space station. The music was cool though…

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