Star Trek The Original Series

Yep, supposedly there IS another movie. I’m not sure they’ve nailed down the script, though.

Mentioning music, which series had the best theme song/opening!

My vote is for Voyager as far as music. As far as visuals go (and I guess music, too) I think Enterprise was refreshing…

Yeah it was totally riffed in X-men 2… even including the whole final shot voice over by the character as there’s a hint they are still alive thing…

I wonder if that was a deliberate reference considering the the face of Professor X.

I know Gene Roddenberry was militantly hostile to religion, but what about Majel Roddenberry?

She seems to have taken over the franchise, and although nothing she does is explicitly religious, she keeps making me think that she might be Catholic - just some of the lines that she puts into certain characters’ mouths. :shrug:

I have always liked Star Trek. I first encountered it when I was 12 years old, and it seemed to me like the greatest show on television, back then.

It’s actually a reality, there is already a script, it’s scheduled to be filmed in the next few months and it has already been slated for release late next blockbuster season.

The film is going to be written and directed by Alias creator J.J. Abrams and is going to be a TOS prequel set during Kirk, Spock and Mccoy’s years at Starfleet Academy… and the film is simply called “Star Trek”(No sequel number OR subtitle… just “Star Trek”).

It’s teaser trailer is going to be hitting screens in November this year.

If it wasn’t for Abrams directing I would have not had hope for it. but since he’s directing and writing it, there’s a chance it might be pretty faithful and maby good. I’m biased on this… I liked Alias Alot and enjoyed his Mission Impossible…

Actually, it’s just been recently noted that it supposedly WON’T be a “Starfleet Academy” movie after all…

well that’s interesting news to me. I know that was the idea that kicked it off… that idea was actually floored by Bill Shatner himself not long after the last film came out, he says so on one of the DVD documentaries(I can’t remember which exact one it was).

There’s a script, a likely title(“Star Trek”, but of cause that could change a little closer to release date), there’s a shoot date, there’s a director, there’s a release date, there’s a teaser poster, there’s a trailer coming in November… it’s coming a lot sooner than I thought it was when I first heard about it last year…

I thought after Nemesis they might let it rest a little while longer, but when Abrams came on board as producer it was pretty clear Paramount thought they had some talent on board and to go full steam ahead and even give him a little nudge to direct it. It was only late last year they even started talking about it and in less than about 2.5 years from it’s first push, it’s going to hit the screens and there’s already a teaser poster…

Bread and Circuses is one of my top three favorites, not to meantion City on the Edge of Forever andTurnabout Intruder. Trouble with Tribbiles was just ‘fun’.

The original series was, IMHO was the ONLY one to have very subtle and ovbisous Christian themes. The ‘others’ don’t even mention Chrisiianity or even of the ‘Church’ exists.

I think we need to lobby for an official Vulcan smily-- something like :ehh:, but with the pointed ears. :cool:

I have loved everything Star Trek for years. I never had the chance to watch it as a kid (my parents must have wanted to watch something else) but I did discover old ST reruns when I was in high school. They were on Friday nights at 11:00 PM and I had to beg my mother to let me stay up and watch them. When the first movie came out I was ecstatic. In the long run, the first movie never was my favorite but it sure was great fun to see all my favorite characters back together again. And there was the very real hope of more pictures.
I enjoyed The Next Generation a great deal. First of all, it was on each week! I could have all the ST I wanted and that show plus spin offs lasted a good while, too. My absolute very favorite villain is The Q. I especially enjoyed the episode where as punishment he was forced by the Continuum to live as a mortal for a while. My very favorite movie, I think, was IV, the one about the whales. It had a great deal of humor it as the crew of the Enterprise were trying to adjust to living in the 20th century.
Recently, here in Reno, on one of the local channels, they brought back the original series. It is aired on Sunday evenings and I just love being able to watch all those old shows again. I remember as a teenager thinking that these shows (even in reruns) were really hi-tech. Ha! Now I watch them and chuckle at the technology they tried to portray.
Thanks for starting this thread.
Oh, one other thing. For a while in the 90s I got inovolved in going to star trek conventions and home group clubs. Lots of fun.

The DVD year 2000 Director’s Cut version of the original motion picture has corrected many of the film’s flaws(it’s length was cut down, new deliberately “late-70s” CGI effect sequences were completed and it was completely digitally remastered) … in fact it’s gone from being just an average film, to being one of the better outings, and defiantly the best of the odd numbered occasions. I hadn’t seen it for about 7 years and then got treated to the Director’s Cut…

It was completely overhauled and It’s a great film now, when it was just average before…

Now it gives trek 6 a run for it’s money in terms of quality. I get really emotional when the new “Star Trek March”/TNG theme(that was intended to replace the old TV theme) comes on as we see the movie Enterprise for the first time… Boy that was really something… that was like the “this is NOT just a tv show” moment of the film.

TOS was a 1960s “action show” that really wasn’t a lot different from The Wild, Wild West - except for the setting. Fistfights, technology, young, good-looking women - they could be found on both series.

Nevertheless, TOS was the best of all of them.

I liked the original series. I seem to recall that it came close to being rejected, as the network heads didn’t think SF could make it on TV. And it was so low-budget that writers knew not to require too many special effects.

yep. The first pilot was a falure, the only actor they kept from it was Nimoy. They then got a second chance and put Bill Shatner in the lead role… never looked back.

Don’t forget Majel Barrett (Roddenberry). :wink:

“Marry well, and prosper”,

And to think the show could have kept her and not Spock. :eek:

Yes, my husband and myself love Star Trek. All of the series.

The show’s low budget led to many of the stories being written around plots that involved sets already constructed such as western sets and city street sets. The leap to a bigger budget and subsequent changes it brought left Trek writers having to explain away certain TOS bits of canon such as the human-looking Klingons.

In case anyone didn’t catch that explanation…

The end-product was imaginative. Noonian Sung (LtCmdr Data’s creator) first experimented with “augments,” genetically enhanced humans. These “augments” were destroyed by Capt. Archer et al after they tried to destroy a Klingon colony. Humorously Dr. Sung says he’s going to focus on artificial intelligence. Anyway, the Klingons secretly salvage some “augment” DNA and info and attempt to make their own superhumans. The result is a virus that dissolves the cranial ridges of the Klingons and makes them look more human. Of course, this trait, for some odd reason, is inheritable…:stuck_out_tongue:

The show’s low budget led to many of the stories being written around plots that involved sets already constructed such as western sets and city street sets. The leap to a bigger budget and subsequent changes it brought left Trek writers having to explain away certain TOS bits of canon such as the human-looking Klingons.

It was incredible with what they did manage to put together with their limited budget, though, isn’t it!

My favorite thing from TOS was that because of their limited budget, which forbade them from having shuttles landing and flying around planets to and from the Enterprise (the filming of the ship flying towards and orbiting a planet was costly enough), they came up with the idea of the transporter! And for the effect, they filmed aluminum powder swirling in water and then transposed it onto the characters. To this day, one of the most fascinating special effects ever produced.

Amen! Forgot about that tidbit!

It was also a product of the 1960s when Science fiction was delibratly exceptionally politically metaphorical, because writers often saw Sci-fi as the chance to “pull one over” on the sponsors and critics who didn’t take to politically based shows… to make political points and social commentary, but to do it in a way that people could also enjoy as pure entertainment.

In fact Trek followed “Twilight Zone”, “the Outer Limits” and even the film “Planet of the Apes” in that respect… especially “Twilight Zone”…

Everyone knows the Klingon empire = Russia during the cold war and that the Romulans were used to explore political themes relating to the Roman Empire.

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