Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Star Trek

Star Trek-- and if someone votes otherwise I’ll give them a nerve-pinch. :p:p:cool:

Definitely Star Trek. I was 10 when the series had its debut and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Live long and prosper!

Star Wars, but mostly just b/c its more appealing to me. I don’t like Bill Shatner (or his character Kirk) that much. I have like a few episodes of the original show, and about every other movie is decent, Spock is so awesome, and Wrath of Khan is one of my favorite movies (along with Empire Strikes Back), but Star Wars does more for me. Mostly because I can’t stand most of the post-original Star Trek (Next Generation is OK). I will admit that Star Wars II and III were kinda ******, and Jar Jar was a horrendous plague, but mostly I prefer the saga to Star Trek.

Star Trek- TNG and Voyager.

Beam me up Scotty!

Star Trek - “Yes” because it provides a future that is hopeful yet still challenges humankind to overcome evil.

Star Wars doesn’t matter because it happenned a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

And before you ask: Kirk, not Picard.

Star Trek. The prequels ruined Star Wars for me.

Deep Space Nine is the best of Trek and is better than Star Wars, but Star Wars is better than the other Trek series. Babylon 5 is still the best though.

I wonder how the demographics will affect this poll…I’m younger and I chose Star Wars. Agreed, Star Trek is classic, but a bit too philosophical for my tastes. When I go for science fiction, I just want loud sounds and cool powers hence SW wins.

It does not surprise me that younger folks like SW.

But ya gotta know the Enterprise would kick butt in a Star Wars movie. Weapons and techonolgy vastly superior. They can engage hundreds of X wing fighters similtaneously with phaser banks. And what they couldn’t blast away they could just beam out of the cockpits. LOL.

And they have no weapons that can penetrate the shields of the Enterprise. You’d have Worf on the bridge during a X wing attack, “shields at 100% captain, no effect.”

Can a colonial even travel at light speed?

I was kind of hoping the Galactica would find Earth, and get the Federation to get rid of the cylons.

Star Wars.
When I was younger, I use to spend hours on “wookieepedia” while one of the movies from the original trilogy was playing on the tv behind me. I can tell you anything from the movies or the EU.
I actually broke the vcr and one dvd player because I would watch star wars so much.:smiley: I hate how much George Lucas has messed with the orginal trilogy, though.

Star Trek because it’s science fiction. Star Wars is a cowboy show in space. Before you Star Wars fans slam me for that! That’s what people said when it first came out. What was great was the special effects we never seen anything like it.

You have to love the special effects.

If you’re a SCFI fan you have to go with Star Trek. Some of the best SFCI movies were made in the fifties.

Some are remade for today i.e. Independence Day was a remake of Earth vs The Flying Sauces.

Star Wars all the way. Loved Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. The whole story is excellent.
May the Force be with you!:thumbsup:

Star Trek :thumbsup:

Star Trek, but SW is good too.

I like some intelligence in my SciFi. There is more of that in ST than SW.

SW seems more designed to entertain, ST seems to give commentary on society and get you to think more.

Star Trek :thumbsup:

Up until the time that Yoda stops the Enterprise in it’s tracks, spins in around a few times, and sends it reeling out of the solar system…all with a wave of his hand. :thumbsup:

He’d send it towards the sun, but he’s wise enough to know that doing so would probably cause a corny time travel episode :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope can’t happen Yoda died in the Empire Strikes back.:wink:

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