Star Trek

Any Trekkies here, especially of the original series?

“down fluffy, my pet Tribble you’ve eaten to much already”
“must remember to get some more rock for my Horta”

Branie…I’ll admit it, yes, I am–a Trekkie and even a Trekker (TNG, DS9).
Those not in the know will find this really a stretch, but a lot of the musings of sci-fi (esp when acted/thought out in Star Trek) have helped me get a better grasp on my faith–really. Think about it: “totally incorporeal” (Spock on the Organians(?)) beings; the beings in the wormhole (DS9) who were trying to grasp what it must be like living in linear time as well as the whole concept of the Nexus; and acceptance of so many beings so different from humans (well, OK maybe not so much in TOS!). Not to mention the astounding, mind-blowing, glorious wonders of the universe all created out of God’s love–and that’s not even the beginning of the beginning of His vastness!!!
OK, so it’s been decryed as glorifying “secular humanism”, well, maybe, but what about Uhura’s understanding of the “Son” worshippers (forgot the episode…something to do with the TOS gang getting into ancient Roman times—man, Bones looked good in his ripped Tshirt—oops, sorry). And anyhow, at least it was a show where, in general, good triumphed over evil…I miss it, the older shows (the new ones, I feel, lost Roddenberry’s dream–even tho I love Scott Bakula)
OK, so I rambled, sorry, but I don’t find too many people who are religious and Trekkie:D

Used to be, but I’m old enough that I watched Star Trek when it was originally aired. I was a geek-chick even back then. Someone gave me a model kit for the Enterprise for my 12th birthday, which I put together and played with until it broke. Now I’m soooo sorry I didn’t keep it in good shape, because it would be worth some major $$$…along with my 1959 Barbie doll. Oh well…

Live long and prosper!

Star Trek real science fiction not that space cowboy show Star Wars where the teddy bears save the day.

I remember when I was a kid we had two and a half stations [ABC came in real snowy had to keep tuning it in]. So I was forced to watch cowboy shows and cowboy shows. Then Lost In Space came along the first season was ok then they went hippie flower power. The Star Trek came along.

Star Trek saved my parents from me throwing a brick in their TV.

**This is what I think of cowboy shows: **

Oh yes. Original series and every series since. I never met a Trek I didn’t like.

I used to be a huge trek fan. Not so much any more, I think they have really killed the show and gone to the well too many times. I like to catch reruns of the original series now and then. That’s still the best.

I like the original and TNG. DSN got interesting later on but I still have to wonder about the Breen. What the heck was that all about? Come on.

But I still can’t take captain munchkin voice on Voyager. Give me a break.

I was a big Star Trek fan; I loved TOS, TNG, DS9 & Voyager, but I could not get in to Enterprise though.

is there any other kind?

DS9 is easily the best Star Trek. The last couple of seasons of Enterprise were really good too. Of course, TNG was really good (not DS9 good though) and Voyager had its moments, few and far between as they were. Never could get into the original series though.

I like all of them the TNG turned out like MASH they were good shows until they went with the political correctness stuff.
I remember a TNG show where Riker falls in love with this alien chick and she loved him but she was from an entire lesbian planet and she had to see head shrinks to reprogram her back into a lesbian. After that I kind of lost interest in the series.

The original series was the best. I have them all on tape somewhere. I should have them put on disc one of these days. You can still see the original series on TV Land early in the morning.

Yes! I loved the original series and all of the spin-offs, but I didn’t really care much for Enterprise. Although It did have a few good moments towards the end of the series.

Well put…there were certainly a few TNGs that were pretty preachy, but, for the most part, good show:thumbsup:

Stan and Rat- I remember that episode. It wasn’t that they were lesbians. They were all non-sexual. But this one had a throw-back gene or something that made her female.

And they programmed the urge to be female out of her.

I think the message was meant in the same way though. You know, gay people are born that way, so don’t try to program it out of them.

Oh, yeah. I loved TOS. I had one of those Enterprise model kits too: and yes, I played with it till it broke.:frowning:

I also had a pair of Star Trek binoculars (white plastic with orange trim, as I recall), and a Star Trek gun (not a phaser, per se: it was blue, it fired multi-coloured discs the size of a penny). The gun also made an appearance in my favourite comic magazine, Mad Man: our hero loaded it up with Rolaids and used to fight off a barf-monster (no, I am not kidding).

My fave is TOS, and I must be in a minority, because I loved Enterprise; to me, it managed to get back some of that old-time sci-fi feel: space is big, unknown, and dangerous, and here we are in this wee ship with no shields and piddly weapons, doing pretty much a maiden voyage into the Big Black.

Funny thing was: Roddenberry was an atheist; his idea of the future utopia was a godless one.

You know, I agree with you about Enterprise. I liked Scott Bakula as captain, too.

Yes, but I think in some of the TNG episodes, the line “Thank God” was used a few times. Their small way of getting Him in there I think. :thumbsup:

Ditto’s on the Enterprise:

I like the Vulcan babe and the Korean chick.

In TOS they did have a Chapel on the Enterprise NCC 1701 I think it was the show where a Romulian ship came across the neutral zone and was destroying outposts. The Federation hadn’t had a run in with them for over 100 years.

At the beginning of the show Kirk was marrying a couple of crew members and the ship went to red alert and the groom was killed in the attack, After the attack Kirk went into the chapel to console the female crew member.

I always felt sorry for the guys in the red shirts you just knew they were going to buy the farm.

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