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I’m taking a break from Star Trek these days, but I’ve enjoyed it in the past, and I’m sure I will again. I never did get into “Enterprise” because my husband absolutely hates it. I was prepared to give it a chance, but he refuses to have it on.

My favourite episode of the top of my head was actually a DS9 episode: “Trials and Tribble-ations”, where Sisko, Dax, Bashir and O’Brien go back in time and interact with Kirk & Co in the “Trouble with Tribbles” episode.

Side note: If you haven’t seen it already: see “Galaxy Quest”, the best Trek parody/homage out there.

Star Trek (original and TNG)
Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate:Atlantis
Doctor Who
Battlestar Galactica

Those are the big ones here. My husband is so grateful to have married a “girl sci fi geek”. I read Star Trek novels and lurk on the Gateworld forum. I love me some good sci fi. :smiley:

Galaxy Quest is AWESOME. I didn’t want to see it, thinking it was just another Tim Allen vehicle, but my brother insisted, saying, “You and (DH) are the only people I can take to this movie who will get it.” We went, and I had not laughed that hard in a long time.

It was the last movie I saw with my brother, before he passed away. I treasure that memory. :slight_smile:

That’s too bad. Maybe you could rent the DVDs and watch it when he’s not around.

If I am sitting in a room with a STNG Plaque on the wall does that make me a Trekkie

Have DH buy another TV that’s what I did for my wife because she is not a SCFI fan.

I love Star Trek! I’m a big fan of TNG and Voyager (my cat is named B’Elanna, LOL!) but I like DS9 and TOS too.

That episode was very well done! I am a fan of anything trek. I hope they can bring resurrect the franchise with another good show.

Did anyone see the special on the History Channel where they auctioned off all the props from TOS through Enterprise. It was very sad for me. It all should have gone into a musuem- not to private collectors.

My favorite character (recurring) is Q. He’s a riot. :smiley:

I can only take so much of that guy - I find him incredibly irritating.

Funny – I thought he was irritating, too, but in an entertaining way. I wasn’t overly fond of the other characters on the show, except Data.

I always had a soft spot in my heart (head?) for the old TOS gang, so I found it difficult to warm up to a lot of the new characters, Enterprise included. At first, I wasn’t a big fan of Trip, seeing him as possibly a stereotype good ol’ boy (but in space); but I really started to like him in that episode where they answered mail from schoolkids at home; a question came in as to how did the crew do human waste disposal in space; Archer refers the question to his chief engineer. Trip silences the commlink and says to the captain plaintively, “I’m the chief engineer on the first state-of-the-art warp-five starship, and I get the “poop question”?”

I though, well, he ain’t Scotty, but I like this lad!

Of course, Archer, T’Pol, and Phlox were well done, too. Hoshi was a bit of a fraidy-cat, but in her case it seemed to make sense: she struck me more as being the “civilian in uniform” specialist than a real military officer, a type I have encountered all too often in the CF. Ensign Mayweather seemed to be somewhat useless – all he seemed to do was plot courses; his character didn’t see much development. And I found Malcolm to be a whiny pain in the patoot.

Overall, though, I found the Enterprise ensemble to be the most enjoyable since TOS. On the other shows, I found enjoyable characters to be the exception rather than the rule.

Excuse me if I missed the post, but has anyone seen the computer enhanced episodes of TOS. The new effects are great.

P.S. My favorite episode of all the Star Treks is “Shore Leave”.

What are your Top 10 episodes of TOS (there are 79 or 80 of them). I just downloaded all of them using (UTorrent) bittorrent, 30 GIGS took over a week. Some of these I haven’t watched in a while, but my personal Top 10 have always been:

TOP 10 (order by date of appearance)

“Miri” October 27, 1966 (#8) – The Enterprise discovers an exact duplicate of Earth, where the only survivors of a deadly plague are the planet’s children.

“The Return of the Archons” February 9, 1967 (#21) – The crew of the Enterprise encounters a world with a dysfunctional society controlled by an unseen leader. (Landru episode)

“The City on the Edge of Forever” April 6, 1967 (#28) – The crew of the Enterprise discover a portal through space and time, which leads to McCoy accidentally altering Earth history in the early 20th Century. Kirk and Spock follow him to help stop the Nazis from winning World War II. (Joan Collins episode)

“I, Mudd” November 3, 1967 (#37) – Captain Kirk and the crew has a second run in with the con man, Harry Mudd, this time finding him as the king of a planet with an army of androids.

“The Trouble With Tribbles” December 29, 1967 (#44) – Little, fuzzy critters called tribbles invade and over-populate a Federation star base, and expose the Klingons’ plans.

“The Gamesters of Triskelion” January 5, 1968 (#45) – Captain Kirk and his companions are sent to fight as gladiators for the gambling entertainment of three disembodied beings.

“Assignment: Earth” March 29, 1968 (#55) – Time warping back to Earth of 1968 on a historical research mission, the crew of the Enterprise encounters an intergalactic superspy, Gary Seven who tries to interfere with 20th Century events, specifically, the test of a nuclear weapons platform.

“And the Children Shall Lead” October 11, 1968 (#59) – The crew of the Enterprise rescues a group of children stranded on a planet, along with their evil “imaginary” friend.

“Spectre of the Gun” October 25, 1968 (#61) – For having trespassed on an alien world, Captain Kirk and his companions are forced to re-enact the shoot out at the O.K. Corral.

“All Our Yesterdays” March 14, 1969 (#78) – Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are trapped in the past on a world threatened by a supernova. (Mr. Atoz and Atavrochron episode)

I normally see the Joan Collins episode (“City on the Edge of Forever”) and the Gary Seven episode (“Assignment: Earth”) on all people’s Top 10. Some people hate Spectre of the Gun and/or I, Mudd for some reason. I’ve seen those listed as people’s worst of TOS. I’ve never watched any other Star Treks, maybe caught a few TNG.

What are your best and worst?

Phil P

Can’t decide which list to put “Spock’s Brain” on…:slight_smile:

So did Picard and the crew. :smiley:

I liked how the episode “I, Mudd” ended. :smiley:

My Top Ten (chronological order)

*]“Where No Man Has Gone Before”
*]“The Naked Tme” - “Dad never hugged me!” (Spock)
*]“Dagger of the Mind” - “Imagine having your mind emptied by that thing – without even a tormentor to keep you company…”
*]“Balance of Terror” - reminds me of a classic WWII submarine movie
*]“City on the Edge of Forever” - natch!:thumbsup:
*]“Amok Time” - Spock gets his first crush
*]“The Doomsday Machine”
*]“I, Mudd”
*]“The Trouble with Tribbles”
*]“Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” - “Code zero zero zero. Destruct. Zero.”

now that is probably as close to my favorite list as possible (although, truth be told, I did get/am rather bored with "City on the Edge…) maybe insert the one (whose name I forget) when the three go back to different times (anachron?) including witch-hunting and ice age–fun interactions between Spock and McCoy!
Don’t forget to mention Sulu and his shirtless swordplay in…I’m pretty sure it was “The Naked Time”–my first crush:blushing:

As for Q, yes, irritating but I still found him very entertaining!!!

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