Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi destroyed the Star Wars saga on purpose


Most definitely. I am annoyed by the constant need to remake things and reboot shows from the past. Is there nothing original anymore?


Whatever episode it was that had “young Anakin’s” mom explaining she was the recipient of some sort of immaculate conception was where they lost me…not to mention the introduction of Jar Jar Binks, which I am sure we can all agree was pure cinematic evil…it angered my midichlorians.


Oh me too! I remember watching that and thinking “this feels really wrong…”

Jar Jar…oh don’t get me started…:nauseated_face:



I am 45, the comics I was reading at age 15 or 16 are now having storylines that were running in them then been pulled of the pages and adapted. Often badly and simplistically adapted. There would be nothing actually wrong in using this material if it is was used with some degree of subtlety or the characters were treated with some logic or respect. However, I’m also becoming tired of seeing endless superheroes on marquees and that’s from someone who has a collection of thousands of comics, hundreds of trade paperbacks and so forth. It is like seeing endless adolescent pleasures displayed in an unhealthy way and the problem is it’s not the best of comic books they’ve decided to stripmine at times. Even when they do borrow from those who were above the industry average they either misunderstand or trivialize their work or it does not translate well to a screen. There are exceptions to this but a lot of what is been put out is not what made me read comic books as a kid. There’s little spirit of wonder or strangeness in there. But whilst it makes money I expect it to continue.


Alan Moore has a great rant about how superheroes are really designed for kids up to a certain age. I don’t entirely agree with him but many of his points about how tired these characters are looking do hit home.


I don’t mind when people destroy something that takes people away from God and His true religion.


I was actually surprised when I saw a preview for Nightcrawler that had nothing to do with X-Men. Given the prevalence of superhero films, I would have thought he’d get a film before some (almost) completely original story did.

I’m not complaining, though. The film was far better than any superhero film I’ve seen in the last five years. I’d say the last ten years, but The Dark Knight just barely makes it into that time frame, and that’s at least as good as Nightcrawler.


Nightcrawler, now that could actually make a good movie if they went with some of the source material. For me I find the Dark Knight a bit overblown at times. It’s good but not quite as good as it thinks it is. I found Iron Man better in many ways and one of the few halfway decent things to emerge from the superhero movie glut. X-Men no. 2 and Logan are others I’d place on that list. Much of the rest is drek, DC’s TV shows are a pain in the bum at times, in their ‘go nowhere, stand around talking rubbish about relationships ethic’ they echo the worst of their source material at points.


Both Star Wars and Star Trek have suffered from such radical changes to the essential storylines. In my observation, the common denominator is J.J. Abrams.


While I think The Dark Knight gets more praise than it deserves, I still thought it did a fantastic job with one of the best hero/villain combo there is.

For me, most superhero films post-2008 just haven’t grabbed me that much. There’s been occasional ones I really liked such as Big Hero 6, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Strange, but even at that, the first two are pretty non-typical for the genre.


Big Hero 6 definitely is non-typical and it and Guardians are based on pretty obscure Marvel properties.


The thing is, why would they do it when Lucas said multiple times he wasn’t going to make a sequel trilogy? He had plans, sure, but before and after the prequels he said that no sequels would happen. Plus, if they truly wanted to destroy it, why not pull the first six from circulation?

Regarding your supernatural good vs. evil point, you can find a ton of movies with supernatural elements that are even more religious. Without a higher deity, sin/virtue, or the afterlife (other than force ghosts admittedly, but most Jedi don’t become them AFAIK), it’s not much of a religion and certainly not Catholic.


Hey GloryOfGod, thanks for a reply that is actually to the point. (Others, feel free to keep talking about tons of peripherally related stuff, but most of it just doesn’t really address my hypothesis.)

I think that’s just not doable in this day and age. Apart from the difficulty of explaining to te public why the heck you are trying to remove just these movies (and not the tens of thousands of others) from circulation, it’s just not practically doable. The number of DVD’s in private hands must be enormous, so these movies will remain available for a very, very long time even if they can’t be ordered from Amazaon anymore. Moreover, any visible attempt at wiping the movies from existence would only draw more attention to them, and garner more fan support.

Absolutely. But, none of those movies are anywhere near as high-profile as Star Wars, nor are they likely to remain popular for as long as Star Wars has.

I know. That’s why I said it was never quite a religion, but it does appeal to religious sentiment.


Following on from this, Disney has actually made Star Wars seem more religious at times. Look at Rogue One; it has an adamant believer in the Force as a religious concept that is portrayed as not only a main character but one of great esteem. Can the same be said for the original trilogy? Not so much.


You haven’t provided anything concrete to support your theory. All you have done is speculate without any foundation.


No problem. While I don’t agree with your point it’s still interesting to think about. Your point about the first six movies makes sense, although if they truly wanted to wipe the original out they could re-edit it in some way. I just don’t see why, a decade after the last Star Wars, with little new media coming out, Disney decides to re-launch the entire series with new content in every form of media, thus drawing even more attention to the originals.


The primary motivation for Star Wars is toys. This has been true from almost the beginning. It was obvious with Return of the Jedi that making popular toys helped determine the script. The first movie was good. Empire was great. After that they are all OK at best. The stories are essentially all the same, stop the bad guy by blowing up his giant death machine.

I don’t doubt that the people behind Star Wars would like to destroy religion, but they don’t have to. Regardless, they use any story element that makes them money.


I think trying to make Star Wars about religion is what destroyed it for you.


For Jedi, that was certainly true.

You know it’s ridiculous when part of the toy line-up is uncle Owen and aunt Beru’s charred skeleton figures. Of the newer toys, those are among the most valuable owing to how absurd they are.


Hey, it could have been far far worse…

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