Star Wars: Clone Wars

Anyone see this yet? What did you think?

My son (9yrs old) wants to see it. I’m planning on seeing it tomorrow first.

Interestingly enough I’ve already formed a minor opinion. I read the little hash they had on the theatres website. It mentions that Anakin has a padawan learner. I thought one needed to be a Jedi. Does Anakin ever reach that status? I thought that was one of his major whines.

He does become a Jedi Knight. By the time of Revenge of the Sith, he is a Jedi. I think this movie takes place after he becomes a Jedi.

It’s a cute movie that a 9yo boy should love. You, as an adult, might be a bit more bored with the cheesy lines, but it’s well done cinematicly. It’s basically Star Wars for kids.:thumbsup:

It’s a bit boring, but it might still be a little confusing for young kids.

i like this movie !!!:cool: :cool:

I took my 6 and 3 1/2 year old. The difference between the good guys and bad guys was clear and the animation was well done. We really enjoyed it.

Dont go into it with the same expectations you did after seeing Episode 4.

This ain’t the top notch stuff but it isn’t the Star Wars Holiday Special either:D

Heh, wookies doing stuff, lol…

At the time, Anakin is a Jedi Knight. For a Jedi Knight to become a Jedi Master, the knight help bring a padawan apprentice into knighthood. I’m guessing that this might have some ramifications later on with Aksuko. Even though she calls him a master, I don’t think that means he is a Jedi Master. It sounds like something will happen with her, since in the next movie him not being a Jedi Master helps to start a big problem.

I’m sure they will like it, while it may be a bit too complicated for them to understand everything going on, I’m sure they can just fiill in the blanks where ever they need to inorder to make it seem coherent.

I’m glad that the franchise went this way. It seems to me, Star Wars is primarily for kids, for that matter especially boys. Since it does deal with serious adult business, and adult can enjoy it. I think people expect too much out of the movies.

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