Star Wars fans I need your help

How did Darth Vader die in the last episode? Was his life support system damaged with the fight against Luke or was it the emporer’s lightning that did him in?

I don’t think it is something that was ever fully explained. The force lightning obviously gravely injured him. His respirator may have failed from the force lightning. In addition to this he took off his helmet to see Luke to which Luke responds that he will die. So he probably died from respiratory failure.


I always took it to be the latter, but I’m not certain on that.

If you pay attention in the fight with Luke, DV is already wheezing and seems to be outmatched by Luke a lot. He’s already sick and old to begin with. I think what did him in though was the force lightening. Just look at what it did to Palpatine when he used it on Mace. He tells Luke to take the mask off because he’s dying anyway.

yes, but Luke got hit with the lighting a few times and he didn’t die

Yea but look was not dependent on machines to live, where as Vader needed his respirator which probably stopped working with the lightning, so he could hardly breath, and was gonna die.

Vader died because Luke took out his respirator. Duh…

He died because his respirator got broken–he was already dying when Luke took the mask off (and said so himself).

In my opinion Darth Vader died because:

  1. Luke cut his hand off which affected Vader’s life support machine.

  2. Emperor’s lightning bolts on him ultimately did him in.

When Luke took his helmet off, Vader knew he was going to die anyway so removing the helmet did nothing to cause his death but perhaps accelerate it.

Vader died because he sat on the wall and fell… Oh wait a minute, that’s humpty dumpty… They kinda looked alike… :smiley:

I think the Bolts from Palpatine damaged his life-support coz the fight with Luke just damaged his hand… IMO only… Hehe!

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