Star War's Jar-Jar -- the good, the bad, the ugly


Spawned from Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi destroyed the Star Wars saga on purpose

Was Jar-Jar a bad character? Some say yes, some say no, some say he was originally meant to be revealed to be the ultimate villain.

Comments welcome.

Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi destroyed the Star Wars saga on purpose
Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi destroyed the Star Wars saga on purpose

I subscribe to the theory that he was a villain pretending to be a fool and that George Lucus scrapped it. It is his fault that Palpatine became chancellor, after all.


Precisely. This is one of several very compelling pieces of evidence supporting the “Darth Jar-Jar” theory.

Here’s my favorite Youtube vid on the matter. There are many others, but I’ve found this one to be the most complete and detailed.


That is the same video that convinced me.


As someone who was a kid and went to the theatre to see the first Star Wars, I find it absurd to even think that Lucas had a concrete plan for any ongoing continuity other than how to market the ever expanding merchandise universe…

The storyline became ridiculously fluid and a victim of its own convoluted schizophrenic storytelling.

Simply put the character could have had a larger darker role, or could have been an homage to Mel Blanc or a innocent inclusion for his kid.
It really doesn’t matter because in the end all Binks has become is a meme of itself and irredeemable in any of it’s incarnations.


I believe that SW8 in fact offers subtle additional evidence for the DJJ theory – even we need more. Look at Snoke’s body language in the first scene with Kylo, where he tells Kylo to remove the mask. Look especially at how he moves his arms. It’s identical to the way Jar-Jar moves his arms in many scenes. And it’s known that Andy Sarkis does a perfect Jar-Jar imitation – not likely to be a coincidence. (Not that we needed more evidence, but it shows that even with Lucas gone, Abrams dismissed, and Johnson in charge, the concept of an evil Jar-Jar remains in place, or at least homage is paid to it. Shame that Snoke is dead now – or is he?)


It would have been far cooler if he had turned out to be sith.


There is a lot to be said for the Empire :joy:

At least they had a health plan…


I wouldn’t know: I haven’t seen any of the new movies.

But, it is not unheard of for creators of popular franchises to throw in Easter eggs referencing popular fan theories. I know at least Pokemon does it.


I felt like that trilogy didn’t have enough pay off. Something like that big reveal, with all the subtle hints, would have fit. Plus as it was a trilogy it would have catered well to people who grew with it, starting more childish before going for the turn at the end that those kids would now be mature enough to appreciate.


I think Lucas is an endearingly childish man – as I am myself (well, the childish part; endearing I don’t know :wink: ). I believe therefore he really did have plans (or at least wishes) for continuity (i.e. an overarching story), if not for the original trilogy then certainly for the prequel trilogy, when Lucas was much more assured of commercial success. It seems to me Lucas really is in it for the storytelling, and always has been. This long interview especially gave me that feeling. (The title of the vid deceives; it’s about much, much more than Lucas’ view of Disney.)


Let’s face it…in the dictionary under redundant it says see redundant…
The same could be said for the entire Star Wars series…


Shouldn’t this be in casual discussion?


Yeah, that was my first thought as well. But then I noticed that nearly all past Star-Wars-related threads have been in “Catholic Living > Popular Media”, and none have been in Casual Discussion. (Do a site-search for “Star Wars” and you’ll see what I mean.) I decided to follow precedent. But your point well noted.


If you watch closely, the entire Star Wars universe - the saga, the mythos, the entire arc of the storyline - centers around the plight of the Gungan, and, specifically, the prophetic role of Jar Jar Binks in uniting the Jedi against the forces of evil.


Would’ve loved to see that reveal.

“Yoosa in big doo doo dis time, ani”


I really like the Jar-Jar as a Sith Lord theory. Unfortunately it can’t be what was intended. Lucas had no real vision. I don’t think he originally intended Luke and Leia to be siblings which is why we get the awful incestuous love story in Empire.

I enjoyed this video and think it is right. The whole reason Star Wars was a success is it got saved in the edit against the original intentions and ideas of Lucas.


How can there be a discussion about something for which reasonable minds don’t differ?


actually, it should be in _un_popular media!



I watched the vid. Very interesting, and I agree that without the extensive editing SW4 probably would’ve been a pretty bad film. Just looking at the deleted Biggs Darklighter scenes (now available on Youtube) makes that clear: they’re awful. But in Lucas’ defense: he was doing something new, and even after the edits it’s still the story he came up with, just re-edited to make it a lot more watchable and exciting. (And btw, I agree with all of the edits except one: I think Lucas’ original opening scroll was better. It introduces the overall situation in the universe, instead of the severely shortened quick-intro that only provides the story elements that we’re about to see depicted. Depends on one’s preference, I suppose; people with short attention spans would indeed have found the original opening scroll too long to understand.)

As for Lucas’ not having any vision: for the original trilogy, of course he didn’t. I don’t think he knew from the start that he’d be making three films, so how could he have? As for the kiss between Luke and Leia, it probably wouldn’t have been in there if Lucas had meant from the very start for Luke and Leia to be siblings. On the other hand, they didn’t know at that time they were bro and sis, and moreover Leia clearly kisses Luke to spite Han. (Yes, there is the extended scene where there is a romantic lead-up to that kiss, but that scene was removed and so is not “canon”. In fact this removal suggests that by that time Lucas had come up with the idea of revealing them to be siblings.)

Whatever Lucas’ vision (or lack thereof) for the original trilogy may have been, I don’t think it has any bearing on whether he had a vision for the prequel trilogy, which was made over 15 years later. By then Lucas was much more assured of success and pretty much knew from the start that he would get to make three more SW films. So the Darth Jar-Jar theory could still very well be true.


Eh. Whatever Jar-Jar was meant to be, what he became was a doofus. Also uncomfortably close to a number of racial/racist stereotypes. I don’t like him.

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