"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" or "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"?


Jared2914, were the appearances by Red Leader and Gold Leader worth the “price of admission”? Wedge was also heard.


It’s hard to really say which one felt more necessary, since one was the beginning of a new trilogy and one was a stand-alone film. Until I see Episodes 8 and 9 I can’t really judge whether the Force Awakens has a story worth telling or not, since it’s not complete.

But that said I preferred The Force Awakens myself. I saw it three times in theaters and probably would have seen it more had I had the funds. It was just a fun Star Wars adventure. I know a lot of people complained about the fact that it ruined the ending of Return of the Jedi and felt too much like A New Hope, but I never agreed with those criticisms. There were a few parallels that were a little much, but for the most part I thought the story was enjoyable, and it intrigued me enough to want to see what happens next. I especially want to know what Luke has found on that island, and who Rey is.

With Rogue One I just didn’t connect with anything in it. The story wasn’t one I was dying to see, and I didn’t particularly like the characters or the actors playing them. I didn’t hate it, but I felt no need to rewatch it after I finished it.

That’s just my completely subjective opinion on the topic. I’m really excited for The Last Jedi though. The trailers for it have been awesome.


I liked the way Rogue 1 ended exactly the way ‘A New Hope’ starts, Even the computer digital young Carrie Fisher and the ship settings were spot on. The ‘New Hope’ movie was shown straight after Rogue 1 finished and if they cut out the closing and opening credits and the ad breaks you could not tell that it wasn’t the same movie. This aspect was extremely well done.


Rogue One lost me from the start. There was too much going on, I didn’t know who was who, and I didn’t care about the characters. It was just an action movie moving from crisis to crisis.

The Force Awakens was just Star Wars redone.

I’ve realized that I just don’t think Star Wars as a franchise is all that interesting or good. I like Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back. I think Empire is the best movie and a great movie just standing on its own. But the rest aren’t all that good. The movies never have any depth to them. They don’t really develop or explore characters beyond very simplistic motivations. And there’s coolest weapon doesn’t make any sense. How does a light saber’s energy stop at certain distance from the hilt?


Not even Return of the Jedi?


I liked Rogue One and Force Awakens almost equally. My vote goes to Rogue One though because it gave me a better appreciation and sense of excitement about the original film. I must have watched the end of Rogue One and the beginning of New Hope about 20 times in the days after seeing it.

My order of preference is: Rogue One, New Hope, Force Awakens, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Sith, Clone Wars, Phantom Menace.

I enjoyed the prequels but the acting of one particular character was just horrible.


No. After rescuing Han it is Endor and the Ewoks with the simultaneous and somewhat tedious Luke vs Vader scenes. Marketing to kids was there from the beginning. The first movie was good. Empire was great and a more mature movie. The series itself was maturing. Then you get RotJ. It was a reversion. It was extra childish. For all the complaints about Jar Jar, and they are accurate, the Ewoks are just as bad.

The story itself centers, yet again, on the Death Star. It doesn’t really expand the universe much. Jabba and his lair was good, but even there with Lucas’ later additions you see how childish and silly was his vision.

But RotJ is more enjoyable than the prequels possibly with the exception of Attack of the Clones, if you edited out any scenes with Anakin and Padme.


So the Ewoks ruined Return of the Jedi for you, exnihilo?


It wasn’t just the Ewoks. I thought the Luke vs. Darth Vader scenes was too drawn out. And there just wasn’t much to the story.

I was a kid when the first movies came out. I remember seeing Empire in the theater. I loved it. When RotJ came out I was excited. I enjoyed it at the time but not as much as Empire. Maybe my opinion was solidified then.

What do you think of that movie and the Ewoks?


I’m sorry it’s been way too long since I saw the movie. That part of the movie couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes though, so I wouldn’t see a movie just for that. I think the movie is worth a $5 rental overall. It’s not a masterpiece, but most people will be entertained enough for that low of a price.


I’m a pretty avid Star Wars fan, and I enjoyed both.

To me, Rogue One feels more “necessary”, in that it adds more to the overarching universe that the movies take place in.

Fun as it may be, The Force Awakens really does feel like a rehash of “A New Hope” more than anything else. There’s just enough to set it apart that you can’t technically call it as such, but it’s dang close. I don’t feel like it adds as much depth to the universe as Rogue One does. I also think that Rey, as she is currently presented, is not a believable character; she tends to break the immersion that I enjoy partaking in when it comes to such stories.


I didn’t really like either of them. The Force Awakens was too derivative of the earlier films and Rogue One was too depressing.




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