Starbucks Barista Accused Of Drawing Satanic Symbols In Coffee Foam


BATON ROUGE, La. (CBS Houston) – Sometimes the pleasure of a morning cappuccino is enhanced when the barista draws a pretty picture in the foam.

But a Baton Rouge woman was shocked when she got her beverages at a Starbucks in the Mall of Louisiana.

Megan Pinion accused the barista of drawing a five-pointed star in one drink and the number 666 in the other.


stupid and gross, but I’m not sure why it’s news :shrug:


People complain about the silliest things. If I got those drinks, I’d be laughing!


True. We ought to save our outrage for more important things. :slight_smile:

Besides, a five-pointed star is hardly an unequivocal Satanic symbol. And I have bathroom tiles at home that look like they say 666 (they’re just curly lines.) :smiley:


I’m pretty sure I’d be irritated but would only complain to my fiance.


I’ve been handed coffee drinks with “HI” or a smiley face drawn on them. I can imagine Starbuck’s having to introduce a new policy because of one dumbass.


First I would have to know that she didn’t actually order this and then complain. If she is an innocent victim of this nonsense the person responsible should be fired. Nothing should be done to a person’s order that they didn’t ask for.

People are getting more than dumb these days.


With the plastic lid making it quite visible, I would say something to the barista or the store manager about a lack of professionalism. I don’t blame this woman, though, for posting a picture to Starbucks social media and giving them a heads-up - it isn’t her fault the story got picked up by the media.


The barista should get fired for this? On these drinks, the caramel on top is squirted on - sometimes in a design, sometimes haphazardly. So, if she ordered this particular drink and the only thing that was “wrong” with it was something inappropriate written with the caramel, I think a “don’t do that again” warning from the manager would be sufficient.


The barista probably doesn’t even know what it means. They were probably just making swirly lines to make it decorative. Just my :twocents:


The five-pointed star is not a Satanic or distinctly Pagan symbol. When it has a circle drawn around it and sometimes upside-down, that is another story. Of course it sounds like this woman did mean it in a Satanic way.


Fancier coffee shops do put designs but this is what you will typically see which I can’t imagine anybody getting upset at. Not only did she make a design that could be offensive, she did it very badly.


Creating designs in the foam takes skill. The pics in the featured in the article were made with the caramel drizzle and, as you said, were done badly.


The link contains pictures. It is clearly a pentagram (you can see the ‘outer circle’ around the star) and “666” is quite clear. And, with a clear plastic lid (instead of the white lids that you cannot see through), the person very evidently wanted the customer to see their work. It isn’t the customer’s fault that they were offended by it because I don’t believe Starbucks mandates those as acceptable.


I’ve seen the pentagram used on lots of different drinks at lots of different places, though, as a decorative design. They use it on the milkshakes at Pizza Hut as standard. I’m pretty sure it’s common practice in Starbucks, too.


But that isn’t a pentagram on those milkshakes. And even with 7 points I couldn’t even call it an elven star, really. I think it’s pretty, though.


That’s not a pentagram.


The coffee cups are circular in shape, and it is the rim of the cup which gives the images their frame. I’m not sure how the context of “666” could be ignored here, too.

Anyway, not very surprising coming from a company whose very logo is a pagan fertility goddess.


Objectively, you could say a star (and possibly a circle around it) is not meant to be anything other than a star. However, with the drink that clearly says “666”, the context is pretty evident that it is more than just a star on this specific drink.

Also, if you look at the design on the Starbucks drink (the article has pictures), you can see it is not a star-like design as those milkshakes have. It is a 5-sided star enclosed in a circle. Google “5 sided star in a circle” and every result is about the pentagram.


Well thats someone who is very bored with his job. He’s also ignorant. The pentacle (right side up five point star) is in no way satanic. That makes me so mad when these idiot kids think thats satanic.

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