Starbucks cups have some evangelical Christians seeing red

For the record, there is no way this is an attack on Christmas. It’s 19 days away from even being an attack on advent!

What we have here is an attack on Ordinary Time.

:smiley: See the options are limitless. I like tea anyways, give me some Twinings Tea.


Regarding Padres1969 post of all the companies that support illicit acts and companies, some business entities are harder to avoid than others. I can avoid most all of the list easily, and do. As far as computer and phones and the harder to avoid ones, it is my understanding that i am utilizing that company for a need and I cant control what they then do with the money they earn, and my intention is not to use them because they support illicit acts. So anytime I learn of a company I don’t agree with, I avoid them if possible. I hope I got that all out right, I know what I mean to say, it just doesn’t always come out right.:slight_smile:

In the big picture, the “Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus” crowd (or whatever you want to call them) is doing Starbucks quite a favor. Because now if any *reasonable *criticisms of their actions are made, people will automatically associate them with “those crazies”.

It’s over-the-top and silly.

One thing I did find out about Starbucks that pleased me is that they are one of the most military friendly places to work.

They actually pay for the college degrees of any Vet who works for them but hasn’t finished their degree.
They also make it a point to hire military spouses even though they don’t receive tax breaks from hiring military spouses.

If that isn’t a unique form of Christian charity…I don’t know what is.

Now come come, if one truly followed ones convictions to its logical conclusion they’d be in pretty sad shape…we must all pick and choose to boycott those companies which promote such immorality…well unless it causes some inconvenience at following ones “pick and chose” principles…I boycott Starbucks…oh wait, maybe it’s not really a boycot…I just don’t buy coffee there…is that considered a boycott?
Do I get an “atta boy” for my participation in the boycott?

It’s easy to boycott as long as one doesn’t shop there anywayy…that may change if I begin drinking their coffee.

Very few if a a religious people will boycott if ANY inconvenience is caused to the boycooer…

If the evangelicals did a little research, they would be complaining about the main starbucks logo!

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