I wasn’t sure where i should post this really but i hope you can help me anyways. I was just wondering about one thing. My friend told me to apply at starbucks in my area because they’re hiring and i was looking for a job. I just wanted to know if starbucks is known for supporting anything anti-christian/catholic. If they did then i will not apply. Any help would be great.

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You can’t be serious. It’s a coffee shop. Apply and go to work. If you parents don’t have a problem with you working…what is the problem?


they support abortion and homosexuality.
do you really want your kids working there and supporting them with their prescense?


Actually they are supporting my kid at whatever per hour. It’s an afterschool part time job. Doubt it will be a lifelong career. I don’t obesses over companies support or non support. So does that mean, if someone from the church sees my kids working at Starbucks, they’ll let the Vatican Police know and my kids will be excommunicated? See how far this can go over a part-time job, non-career producing event? Very trivial.

It like my cousins who couldn’t go to beach on Sunday because they were afraid, someone from the Pentacostal church would see them and report it. My response is, "if they were there, they are as “guilty” as you are.

It was also said that Target is a french owned company and does not support our soldiers in Iraq. And Pepsi Cola was another demonized company. And lest we forget, Proctor and Gamble.

Is there a canon law out there that says, we can’t get a coffee at Starbucks? How many Catholics go to Starbucks on a daily basis for coffee and a snack? Millions more than likely.

Muchado about nothing.


I guess you have no issues with suporting companies that teach and practice things that go against your faith…that is your issue not mine…I was replying to the OP…Starbucks supports ABORTIONS and GAY’s


Thank you Karin. I for one will not support ANY COMPANY/ORGANIZATION that supports what is agaisnt my faith. It is a matter or showing support to them or The Church. If i worked for them it would show i didn’t care, but i do so i will find another job.


very welcome.


I am not at all sure that my not buying coffee at Starbucks or shopping at Target will put them out of business, Our son-in-law will not shop in a certain store because they are not union…last I knew that store is thriving. It is nice if we can boycott all non christian organizations, or those we think are, (remember there is a huge rumor mill with lots of silly stories) but it would just be better if we kept our own faith stong and remember the “other” in in prayers. Lets pick our battles. If those companies are discriminating against our Catholic faith by not hiring Catholic or christian or hiring them and treating them badly, then let’s go to work and boycott!!! Over the years there have been ridiculous claims made in order to put companies out of business. This “gossip” is deadly!

My daughter worked for Target for 8 years…they treated her beautifully!!! Daughter is a true christian and never had any problem, even got time off to attend church functions!!!

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I hear ya for sure.

I live in the south. Employers here have no problems with employees going to church on Sundays, as our stores usually do not open until after 12 on Sundays and close at 6 (except during the holidays). I have yet to hear of someone being threatened with job loss because they attend church. A Starbucks just opened inside our Target store and it is jam packed. I haven’t visited there because of that reason. We live in a small town, and when something opens…it takes 6 months to get place to sit. Being out in the market place is a great measure of one’s faith. We can’t live in a fish bowl. If the OP is not sure what Starbucks stands for, go to their website…ask questions about their company directly to them, and go from there.


Whatever support there is for gays and abortion has been made public. That doesn’t mean that your favorite store doesn’t do the same thing only with less fanfare. If you keep this up you won’t have anywhere else to shop or in this case work.

If I went to work at Starbucks, they would be paying a someone who would then turn around and give money to the church and to pro-life organizations. If I don’t work there, a person who doesn’t share my values gets the same money and either doesn’t contribute or give the money to PP.

We are not responcible for what a company does with its money or investments unless we own the company. And even though I don’t buy into the boycott thing it seems better to work for the company than patronize it.




Exactly right!! Another thought: The company you are refusing to buy from or work for has NO idea that you are upset with them If you really want to boycott, write letters, carry a sign, letters to the editor, etc. etc. But the better idea is to do as the quoted poster suggests.

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Mom of 5


Unfortunately if you take the all or nothing view…just read my example and you will see why it will not work in todays world.

Transfer this position: " I wont support or work at store X because they support homosexuals and abortion."

To an entire Nation…lets pick one…how about Canada.

" I don’t support or pay taxes in Canada, because they have same sex marriage and abortion."

If your Canadian…you had better move somewhere that is 100% in line with Roman Catholic views…I can think of one place…

Who is the USA’s largest trading partner? It’s not Mexico…it’s Canada…so make sure that every single thing you buy…including Beef, poultry, fruit, vegetables, textiles, lumber, fish, some makes of automobiles, the wood pulp in your cereal box, the wood that frames your house, the water your drink, some parts inside USA made Auto’s, the buttons on your shirt, the laces in your shoes, the salt that sprinkles your fries, the potatoes that are your fries, the grease that cooks your fries, the electrical wires inside the deep fryer…etc…doesn’t come from Canada.

If you do, you will be supporting Canada…and as Willy said " I for one will not support ANY COMPANY/ORGANIZATION that supports what is agaisnt my faith"

Now your in a real dilemma, you live in the USA and the USA supports Canada. Now if your an American, you live in a Country that supports a Nation that supports what is against your faith…now even the Americans have to move to that one place that supports 100% Roman Catholic views…The Vatican.

The world is connected…it is truly a global economy…everything is touched by everything else.

Remember, what is said about Christians…’ strangers in a foreign land’.

Something else to consider…even though Canada has these laws that are contrary to Roman Catholic teaching…The Pope still travels to Canada…and the Church keeps on rolling.

As an aside, you will be hard pressed to find a business that will openly say to you " We are a company openly against homosexuals and we oppose abortion…"


I’m not looking for a company to openly say anything. I just want them to be neutral. If the CEO of a company wants to give money to a certain cause then I don’t care as long as it’s the CEO’s personal funds and not the funds of the company.
I don’t see how the Canada thing relates at all in this situation. When I buy a Honda I don’t buy it from the country of Japan. I buy it from Honda.


How can you not see how my example relates precisely with this thread…the over riding quote from Willy is:

" I for one will not support ANY COMPANY/ORGANIZATION that supports what is agaisnt my faith "

He won’t buy a coffee from Starbucks, but he’ll eat a french fry made from Prince Edward Island Potatoes? There is no moral difference…

If you apply Willy’s view to your everyday life…you had better make sure that the peach your eating was grown by a farmer who opposes abortion and homosexuality. You had better make sure that the trucker who shipped that peach shares your views…Willy’s moral stance cannot work in a global economy.

Secondly, your example fits perfectly into what I have been trying to say…its a very good chance that your car came from Canada…that’s where most North American Honda’s are manufactured. source -

When you make a purchase in a grocery store you are part of a massive chain of consumerism that stretches to every corner of the planet…


I am willing to bet, more than care to admit. Sometimes I think that because this is a Catholic forum, people give what they percieve to be the “Catholic” answer, and that is not necessarily what they do. I am a firm believer in the Catholic faith, however, I still enjoy a good cup of Starbucks. Doesn’t mean I support homosexuality, just that I like a good cup of coffee and I know where to go.


Don’t be too sure about that! My BF bought a VW (German car, correct?) and it was made in Canada.



My point is that I don’t buy cars (or anything else) from a country. I buy it from a company. I don’t care what country it comes from. I do care about the company.




IMO, sometimes the comments in this forum are quite ridiculous and for me, it makes the person holier than Jesus.
It’s like “I’m more knowledgeable about Catholic faith than others.”

So can I go to Starbucks tomorrow?:wink:

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