StarCraft 2!!!


After nearly ten years, BLizzard Entertainment is making a sequel to StarCraft!
Here is the wikipedia article which has the most information available (the game was only announced an hour ago!)

I’m so excited!

Yours in Christ,


I played the first one when I was in high school and it was super fun.
Like playing a board game with friends except the pieces moved and talked, and exploded every now and then. Fun Fun.


now I have a reason to pray for a new computer (:


Yeah I’m so excited. Starcraft was like one of the best games ever :slight_smile:

My brother dropped by on Sunday and I showed him the cinematic trailer with out telling him what it was. I swear he was giggling watching it.

Knowing Blizzard, it will probably be 2 years before release.


I would pray for better things than a computer just so you can play a video game.


That’s rather self righteous.


You and my husband both! :rolleyes:


Self righteous? I meant “I” as a suggestion that praying for materialistic things probably aren’t the best things to be praying for. It would be like praying for a Porsche just so I could drive a 150mph. Am I self righteous because of that? Maybe I worded it wrong. Sorry if that is the case.


Why are you even judging what he is praying or his intentions in praying for them?


He said that now he Finally has a reason to pray for a new computer. So that he can play starcraft 2. It was by his own admission of his intentions that I said it.


Redmars, you’re being ridiculous. It’s perfectly ok to pray for stuff you want as long as it’s not bad for you.

Back to the topic: I’m not much of an RTS fan, but I’m very happy for Starcraft players. I’ve heard that “Starcraft is the national sport of Korea”, so at least one nation must be celebrating right now, as well as much of the game-playing public.


I guess i was raised differently, oh well. Sorry if I offended anyone. Didn’t mean too.


You can search YouTube for the video of the matches its really something else. The kids that play have corporate sponsors and everything.


I was never much good at it but yea, love the game, and might look into the sequel. Did anyone else here find the Zerg hard to play and quite freaky? The other races are awesome though.


Zerg where hard at first cause they weren’t much like the other races. With a little practice it wasn’t so bad.

There is a game play trailer now on there website. Its too cool.


Apparently Blizzard learned from the SC: Ghost fiasco, and are not announcing games until they are almost ready for release. There is some talk that the beta will be by September/October, and the game might even be released 4Q of this year. I’m more of the opinion that it will be 1Q or 2Q of 2008, but those are the rumors.

As for computers, I might need to upgrade mine just a bit to really get the graphics all the way up. But it will be worth it, I just think of it as an investment for a decade of good times (what Starcraft and Broodwar have given me).

Yours in Christ,


I had heard Beta by E3 but just noticed Gamestop has the release date set at 10/08! sigh


No time for Starcraft… I’m leveling my Shaman!



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