"Stardust" on dvd

I rented the movie “Stardust” over the weekend and was charmed by the setting and the plot: a young man goes to find a fallen star so that he can give it to the girl he loves. The movie was very entertaining and full of adventure. I watched it with my 11 year old son and he liked it as well.
A couple of scenes in the movie bothered me however. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away so I won’t go into too much detail but there was one scene where the young man and his new ladylove stay in an inn and realize how they feel about each other. It’s fairly obvious that they spent the night together–which is totally unnecessary to the story. Also, Robert De Niro plays a pirate captain who turns out to be gay. This wasn’t really obvious until he’s discovered prancing around in women’s clothes with makeup on his face.
This last part was supposed to be humorous, and I just told my son that the guy was crazy. But was this really necessary? DeNiro wasn’t even convincing as a gay person!
The problem with movies like this is that they’re aimed toward children. I have to keep the remote in my hand practically at all times so that I can fast forward through suggestive scenes.
Anyone else seen this movie and have an opinion about it?

I saw it on DVD…it was very enjoyable. I though Robert DiNiro did a great job…it was a “pleasant surprise” concerning his character…I laughed.

I read an article that Johnny Depp’s character in “Pirates of the Carribean” was also “gay”…after watching the first two…it made sense.:slight_smile:

One of my favorites. The DeNiro bit was just silly humor, I thought, but I guess you might find it startling for children…don’t have kids, myself.

As for the scene in the inn, the funny thing is I can’t remember that from the book. The movie is based on the book “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman, if you weren’t aware. Maybe it was there and it was just a minor sentence or two, but I don’t remember it. Still, it wasn’t racy, just implied. Potentially problematic for little ones, probably. I think it’s rated PG-13, isn’t it? Or just PG?

I guess it was rated PG-13, so maybe I should have been more on my guard.:frowning: I just wasn’t expecting either of these things.

Where have you been the last quarter century? “Normalizing” deviant sexual behavior is Hollywood’s main agenda. As a father and grandfather I have seen most Disney animation films released in the last twenty years and every one of them had a character with “gender bending” qualities and most of them had major characters who at some time during the movie engaged in cross-dressing.

Right. Hollywood thinks nothing of this. I remember a few suggestive elements in Disney movies. The evil ocutopus(can’t think of her name) in “The Little Mermaid” telling Ariel to use her “body language” to catch Prince Eric (said while doing a little shaking and writhing) and I’m sure there are others. But offhand, I can’t think of characters with “gender bending” qualities. Can you enlighten me on this?

I will have to do a little research and get back to you. In the mean while I bet you didn’t know that “Ursula” the evil octopus you referred to was based on the real life drag queen Divine

really? :eek: i wouldn’t have guessed…although…yeah…it does kind of make sense :blush:

Anyway, i really enjoyed Stardust…Michelle Pfeiffer was excellent in it, i thought. She’s not that bad an actress lol. :smiley: And i found DiNiro funny, i guess it’s not too good for young children though. I suppose it would have been better if they’d not done that, but it is Hollywood afterall :rolleyes: What can one expect?!

A friend of mine was really bugged by that one little bit involving the Robert DeNiro character. My take on it was, the whole thing was played for affectionate laughter… plus there’s just something inherently funny about one of Hollywood’s most noted “tough guy” actors in a dress.

:rotfl: :yup:

I had no idea:eek:! I guess I can see a connection though.
I’m reminded by this of “Mrs. Doubtfire”, another lighthearted, funny movie that took me by surprise in the scenes with the gay “uncles” that provided the disguise for Robin Williams. I think this was another movie that was aimed at families.

High School Musical, Sharpay’s brother, Ryan.

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