Stars Slammed for Silence on Orlando Shooting



You mean there were some who failed to speak out against Islamic Jihadists?


Celebrities and journalists, the secular priestly cast.


Rihanna and Taylor are excellent singers and entertainers. They would do well to understand that there opinions on these matters are no more or less valid than the non famous classes of people on these kinds of issues.
The default position is to assume that everyone with any sense of decency find these kinds of horror stories repugnant and uungodly, unless they say otherwise.

In the meantime, they can write my name in their blank space anytime they want to.

Methinks that Paris is just bouncing their names around to get back into the news on their dime.
They got talent. He doesn’t.

It is as simple as that.


I would think that leftist celebrities would respond when other leftists are the target of violence by a far-right extremist.


Perhaps celebrities should be more attuned to the dangers of Islamic Jihad. Here is a discussion of the motives of the Orlando killer from EWTN:


It’s Perez, not Paris.


I know. My edit didn’t work.

They got talent. He doesn’t.

It is as simple as that.

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