Start a evangelization committee in your parish!

You are the church, and we all see the need for helping each other become better Catholics so why not start a evangelization committee in your parish this year?
Simply ask your priest to bless the commissioning of a new committee of anyone who may be called to suggest ideas (via email or bi-monthly meetings) to aid in the strenthening of your parishioners bonds in the family of Christ, to creating non-judgemental-non-threatening opportunities for lapsed Catholics to fellowship with practical Catholics, and to create situations where Catholics could evangelize non Catholics. No matter how small or large your parish is there is always opportunity and people who would participate. Place an add in you bulletin or a leaflet inviting those who wish to help.

A sample of some activities are:
Book club
Horse shoe club
NFL fantasy leauge
Children’s activities
Quilting lessons
Work shops of all kinds

The possibilities are endless. Invite parishners, friends, relatives and anyone who wants to have fun. :slight_smile:

There is a need in the church for someone, and that someone is you:thumbsup:

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