Start of border wall project will be one of the orders signed by Trump on Wednesday

first reported by NYT–start of border wall project will be one of the orders signed by Trump on Wednesday

Trump has told his aides that the wall remains a top priority and he will personally oversee aspects of the project/construction.

Trump Train ain’t got no brakes !

Donald “get 'er done” Trump is on a roll

I still want to know how he’s going to fund this wall. And you can’t just build a wall and be done. You have to man it. You have to check for tunnels regularly. Basically it’s going to be a large ongoing expense.

I’m not all that sure that he knows. Well he may think he knows. Or Donald has a Secret Plan to Fund the Wall. I think he would greatly help some of the sceptical public to believe he knows what on earth he’s doing, if the great leader might divulge his wisdom on that front. Until he does so, lots of people are going to assume it’s because he has so little wisdom to divulge…

Either way, now seems to be a good time to get into the cement and barbed-wire manufacturing business…

He won the elction on a minuscule budget compared to Hillary’s. That was a proof that he knew how to pulls things off.

You’ve all been conned so hard.

Also lets not forget the POPE is against the wall.

Yeah I’m conned so hard because in your mind hillary won the election. :smiley:

No it was legitimate.

I’m addressing the wall, which is supremely unchristian. PER THE POPE.

But the pope said wait and see. He also said walls without bridges are bad, not walls per see.

Lol keep lying to yourself.

Thanks for your concern.

When the pope pulls down the walls around Vatican City and dispenses with the security checkpoints, then I’ll listen.

Is this really necessary? You don’t like Trump. We get it

Evidence please for this con.

Actually, the Holy Father didn’t say that

While this wall may not have a bridge,it will have wide open doors for those who want to enter properly!:thumbsup:

He’ll figure it out.



Please charitable discuss the issues, not each other

Wouldn’t addressing the visa system and the actual difficulties of immigrants coming here be more efficient?

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