Start of Conclave

I observed the Mass Pro Eligendo Pontifice this morning on VaticanTV, very beautiful and was helpful because I got the times mixed up for Mass in my own Parish so missed it this morning. So it sort of was like attending Mass.

I just wanted to know if anyone knows the time the Cardinals enter the Sistine Chapel this afternoon?

Praying :signofcross:

The doors are closed! And now we wait!

The live video of the roof top papal smoke stack is perfect for those of us who like to wait and watch closely!
You can view the live video on the Pope App or various other news links.

Where is the chimney cam? Im only getting shots of St Peters square.

Pope App

Thank you!

But since they started ringing the bells upon the election the chimney has become redundant.

Waiting, watching and praying in silence

bells breaking the silence seems right!..I look forward to hearing and seeing soon!

How are we supposed to see what colour or even see the smoke tonight, its going dark at the Vatican now.

It will be 7pm there and I suppose with just enough daylight left to discern the color we will know.

Personally, I am sad to see the chimney become largely irrelevant. :frowning:

The bells are apt though. :slight_smile:

Hello Peeps!!

What a glorious day!! I hope the Holy Spirit is in all your hearts today!! Anywho, Here is the Catholic Channel, they will be streaming live, the smoke watch.

MSNBC has already started with the anti catholic nonsense.


I have been watching it on the news and some stations have a live window on the Chimney

I keep trying to get it streaming on my phone from the normal media sites. They keep failing.

The Pope App on my iPhone is streaming live and so far is very stable and good quality. It is showing the crowd and zooming in on the chimney every minute or so. If you’ve got the app and want to watch, I highly recommend it. :thumbsup:

The conclave has started to elect our new pope. What are your thoughts? Are you worried about what the media is saying that the new pope must unite? That he must fix the sexual scandals and corruption scandals? That he must fix the problem of ppl leaving the church?Do those words from the media scare you or intimidate you in regards to the conclave?

Praying for the cardinals and for our future Holy Father!

God Bless!

thoughts? Yes…its going to be hard to determine smoke color against a black night sky. CBS needs to position their smoke cam a bit higher, or someone needs to install a backdrop to the chimney…

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