Start of the Non-Denominational church

I have done a search for this and have not come across anything that states when the non-denom church began. Does anyone know or can you steer me to that info. Thanks

I think you may have posted your query on the wrong forum. You might get better results on the Non-Catholic Religions forum .

There have always been groups that started out identifying themselves as “non denominational” churches. They generally begin by stating, “We need to set aside all the man-made cultural additions that accumulated, and focus on the real, core Christianity direct from Christ and the apostles.”

Inevitably they bring their own man-made, cultural additions right at the beginning; then they add more as time goes on. So there really is no genuine non-denominational Christianity, that’s like saying I want to move to a town that is not located anywhere. Countless groups have tried to recreate what they guess is the ancient Christian Church, and they move in directions different from other groups that set out to do the same thing.

The modern, American version tended to get expand around 1980. Evangelicals who were very good at utilizing mass media, recognized that many Americans were searching for religious experience but not satisfied by existing Catholic, liberal, or traditional Protestant forms. Like Americans in general, people wanted user friendly religion. So non denominational leaders focused on the experience of the person in the seat, rather than starting with Scripture, Tradition, or the Altar. They did surveys and found what young adults, especially wanted.

It is a consumerist approach - rather than starting with the Truth, and how to lead people to conversion, it is more “come as you are, stay as you are”. The message is mildly evangelical, with lots of practical application; if you have a need, we will try to respond. I am not saying it’s all bad. I wish Catholic parishes and dioceses would focus on young adults, which we almost never do. But non denominational religion has very little depth, it is too flexible. Without some doctrine, religion tends to be whatever feels good. I think those who grow up in a non denominational church will tend to have friendly attitudes towards church, but will find other ways to meet their personal needs besides church.

The start 1517 with the reformation (revolt as I call it).

Before that they were schematics and heretics…apparently we have a nice warm and fuzzy language now.

Always thought it was hilarious when protestants become protestants of Protestantism! :shrug:

I always wondered how there could be non-denominational religions since their denomination is “non-denominational”. :shrug:

:thumbsup: EXACTLY!

I’ve listened to many converts and form what I’ve gleaned from listening to them is this…Many are trying to restore some form of ancient Christianity. A pure form of the faith so to speak. Unfortunately this image they have of ancient Christians worship practices doesn’t exist.

I cant remember which pastor it was that converted when I find it ill post it here but he said he wanted to do what I just discussed with his church and as he got deeper into it he started reading the works of the early church. Needless to say they started taking communion a-lot and eventually he took the majority of his congregation into the Catholic church…So I think for most protestants if they were intellectually honest about all of this they would realize what that good pastor did…the past if actually studied is catholic and it always has been.

Thankyou so much everyone. You are right—I have posted this in the wrong forum. I have no idea how to move it to the non-Catholic forum. I am interested in any and all info anyone can add. I spoke with an old friend the other day and she is non-denom and told me I needed to know the truth. LOL. I explained to her that I trust a 2000yr old religion over one started 2 to 400 hundred yrs ago and definitely man made. I also explained that we have been friends for over 35 yrs----and that I don’t believe what she does and she doesn’t believe what I do soooo.

So, I’m just curious and would like to know their history. I should have asked her that one. LOL

I posted this in the wrong forum so re-posted it here in hopes of getting any and all info about the non-denom church. I did a search but things seem to be sketchie. Hopefully someone here is more educated on this group than I am and will be willing to shed some light. Thank you so much.

Its actually a pretty recent phenomenon (in church years) I don’t think we could say its hundreds of years old. the only way for Protestantism to survive is to well do exactly what protestants do reform…

If you look at the full circle of things many are now reverting to Jewish traditions and casting off Christian ones all together since the apostles were Jews and then came “Christians” per say. Its all very comical to me.

The non-denominational religious affiliation was started around the 1980’s in the United States. By 1990, the number had risen to a little less than 200,000 Americans. Nondenominational church congregations establish a functional denomination by means of mutual recognition of or accountability to other congregations and leaders and theology. The Non-Denom and Baptist theologies and church organization have no discernible differences between them.
Jonathan A. Mitchican, a traditionalist Anglican minister, has stated that the term non-denominational is essentially misleading: “If an American church calls itself “non-denominational,” nine times out of ten what that means is Baptist%between%. Altar calls and appeals to personal conversion replace the sacraments. To them Baptism is a symbol of, nothing more, and it is only appropriate for adults”
It has been said that non-denominational’s are just Baptists that don’t want to be called baptist.

Here’re a couple of brief articles on the subject:

:thumbsup: I new it! Baptist every one of them LOL!!!1

Sadly, there is no one non-denominational church - ever non-denom church can potentially be different from every other.

All of Protestantism is that way unity of belief is non existent. Honestly its not conducive to that kind of environment anyway.

Maybe it was already moved, but it says at the top of my page Non-Catholic Religions forum.

Could the catholic apostolic church we profess in the Nicene Creed be non-denominational?

Its the only denomination actually.

Yes thank you 7 Sorrows—I actually made a re-post to this forum since I have no idea how to move the original post to here.

So, it seems I was being overly kind when I told her that I trusted my 2000yr old religion over one started 2–400 yrs ago. I think I do remember the non-denom church starting in the 70-s or 80’s but was not sure I could trust that memory hence the frantic search for info.

I’m sure the movement started to lay its foundation then…but in reality they have been laying their foundations since the Gnostics. Once the authority is removed its fair game on anything.

this is a great read too:thumbsup:

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