Starting a Bible Study Group, Ideas?


My friend and I are going to be starting a Bible study group in the fall, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice/ ideas? Thanks so much!


Are you intending to study on the whole bible? If so start in Genisis if not, go to a book you both like so you can share your opinions on the subject, and alway’s make sure you have a concordance to look up what you need to prove your point. Alway’s be able to have proof of what you are teaching or what you think about on what you are studying.Make sure you have the people you need and if you are in the middle of that study and someone wants to join,it would be better if you finished that perticular study first, unless this person has the ability to keep up. Having refreshments after is a good idea or have them bring their own.I would start all my study’s with prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any mysteries that is there. God be with you! Love of Christ Nancy


We were thinking of starting with a gospel, then acts, and then probably starting the Old Testament.


Great choice,you are new here? Welcome to CAF God Bless you and I hope you enjoy till the end! Love of Christ Nancy Amos 3:3




God bless your efforts! I think there are probably resources you can buy from Catholic websites if you are looking for structure.

Is there an intended age group you are trying to focus on? One thing you might want to do is find a priest in your area - maybe a younger one, and invite them to bible study. It is amazing what a priest can contribute to a discussion. He doesn’t have to lead, but just invite him as a “friend” to be a part of the group. Snacks and fellowship are a real treat for a priest! Many lay people never really get to socialize with a priest, but it can really be a benefit to them.


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