Starting a Catholic mission in Mexico

Hi my name is Logan iam 26 years old and I’m starting a catholic mission in the region of Los Tuxtlas in the state of Veracruz Mexico. A few months ago I sailed down to Mexico in my boat from Texas and when I arrived I felt like I needed to start a mission here. So I sold my boat and bought a house in the village of playa hermosa where I will be serving the communities of Los Tuxtlas. Iam looking for other Catholics who would want to come to Mexico to help me get this project started. The vision I see for this mission is that of deep contemplative prayer and community outreach like that of the Carmelites and Franciscans. Please message me if you or some one you know may be interested in doing something like this. Thank you and God bless!

That sounds awesome, Logan! Do you have any photos of the area?

I don’t know if there are “official rules” for what you want to do but I think contacting the local Bishop to let him know of your plans may be in order. I think he should at least be aware if a new Catholic mission is starting in his diocese. Good luck.

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