Starting a Christian YouTube Channel!

Hello everyone and I hope you’re all having a blessed day! I’ve been working on a student Bible project for a while now and I finally decided to start putting my videos on YouTube.

I think it’s really important to share the Word and the wisdom of the Bible in new and creative ways, which is what I’m trying to do with this channel. My videos right now are going to translate the Scripture into an audiovisual, meditative journey that guides the audience through the ideas that it explores in each chapter. It’s something that I hope is really innovative and helps people connect to God.

I would love to hear what you all think, and if there are any other creators out there please share your experiences and projects as well! Thanks so much for taking a look!

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It was really good. Are you planning to do the whole bible or just Ecclesiastes for now? If more, are you planning to do the books that would considered Apocrypha since you are using the KJV?

I’m contemplating doing an audiobook for the catechism. There isn’t one anywhere and I think it could help people read through it. I would have to get permission from the USCCB though before getting very far into it.

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Thanks! Right now I’m focusing on Ecclesiastes and the Wisdom Literature, but yes doing the entire Bible would be a really phenomenal undertaking. I’ve never really delved into the Apocrypha books, but it’s an interesting topic.

You should really do that audiobook, it sounds like a great idea!

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