Starting a new Lay Carmelite Community


I hope this is the right place to ask this question. I have been given the ‘go a head’ to start a new Carmelite community in my area (TriState, California/Nevada/Arizona) from the Provincial Office of OCarm, in Illinois. However, I was not given any promotional ideas on how to go about doing just that. Of course I have my own ideas and I’ve spoken to two of the priests in my area and they have given me permission to put an ad in their bulletins. I read on here where someone mentioned an ‘open house’ where their local community puts on once a year to answer questions to anyone one who may be decerning the ‘call’.

I would appreciate any and all ideas (including your prayers) to help me get on with this endeavor. I have begun a 54-day novena in petition for a good turn out. I need at least 8-10 people to begin the process.

Thank you in advance, your sister in Christ,


If you have any questions of how the open house should be run there should be someone at the Lay Carmelite Office in Darien who can give you information.

Prayers to Our Lady of Mount Carmel for the spiritual success of the open house!

Dorothy, Third Order Lay Carmelite


You can also create a page here for anyone that is interested or wants to know more. It would be a group for anyone to visit or communicate with others.:thumbsup: I hope it comes to frutation.


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