Starting a new Youth group


Please pray for me as i have just been asked to start a youth group. I lack confidence in my abilities to do this. I am also struggling to find a good date to start it. It seems to suit nobody!!:confused:


I will pray for you.


Keep in mind that God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

Dear Lord, I lift up Your servant before You. Please grace this person with all that is needed to accomplish the assigned task. In Jesus name we pray.


I’m sure you are more “qualified” from a human perspective to start a youth group than St. Peter was to start the church:p .

Joking aside though, I will certainly pray for you. As long as you do everything for the glory of God, I’m sure you have no reason to be anxious.

Peace, and God bless!


I pray that you’ll have every success in leading this youth group. :gopray2:


Praying for you to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Will also pray for the success of your new Youth Group.:slight_smile:


Thank you all for your prayers it bought a tear to my eye to recieve so many replies.

I now have a date for our first meeting it is to meet and have coffee after mass this sunday (saturday your time as I am from New Zealand). Could you please pray that many young people attend and that the Holy sprit bless them abundantly.

Once again thank you for your prayers:thumbsup:


Praying for you and your group! May the Spirit bless you abundently!


What a joyful project. May God watch over you.




Prayers for your successful endeavor. When Peter doubted his faith he sank into the sea - Jesus reached out to him. Have faith in your abilities.

Seek guidance from programs in other parishes in your area that are working, well thought of, and well attended. Seek guidance from the diocese office of youth - they usually have some great tools.

Good luck good shepherd.


Will offer up your intention during my holy hour.

May God bless you for this.


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