Starting a Secular Franciscan Order


This “slightly” falls under holy orders…

What if you have no Secular Franciscans in your area and you want to start an order? How do you do that with nobody in the order to begin with?




You need to contact a Franciscan Friary or monastery.

Our member, @Cloisters should be able to help you with a list that may cover your area.
She posted several days ago with an extensive list.


I’ve got the country and state list, problem is the only one is a 6hr drive or so and some people can’t pull that off in 2yrs straight through with these harsh winters…

That’s what’s slowing us down over here… it isn’t participants, it’s snow+distance, we are like, a hop skip and a jump from Canada


Have you asked that one that is a six-hour drive away for their advice on how to establish a secular order nearer to you?


I’m assuming from your post that you’re wanting a Secular Franciscan fraternity in your area, but weather and distance is the issue.

My advice – the Internet.

There are OFS formation materials available online that you can order. See if someone can mentor you via email. The OFS should have someone designated to work with “isolates,” which is what you would be. Should an actual Fraternity arise from your efforts, thanks be to God!

Mrs. Cloisters, OP
Lay Dominican


I have a contact who is runnin theirs that far distance away… haven’t mentioned it yet. Hopefully I will meet with a friend from a group that said he spent time with friars for a while. I’ll see what I can do later in the week because our contact details are weak for now…


Contact the “region” in which you reside and ask them. Here in this part of the country (Midwest), we are in the "Queen of Peace region - I am spiritual assist to the local fraternity.


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