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I’m not really sure where to put this question, but I’m interested in starting a faith-based club. However, I want to find a topic that is going to be helpful to Catholics/Christians out there. What areas in the Catholic faith are most challenging for you and/or do you think you need to understand better? Personally, I am interested in learning more about NFP, but since I am not certified to teach it I can’t make an NFP club. Thoughts? Thanks!


I think you need to find something that you are interested in and knowledgeable about. I mean someone could tell you that there’s a crying need for programs for senior citizens, but if you have zero interest in working with senior citizens, it wouldn’t be a good match for you.

To me, something on NFP alone sounds very limited, even if you were an instructor. Perhaps you could broaden out a bit to something supporting supporting marriage and family life. I could imagine that being an area where people feel a need and could benefit from a group.


Ask the parish secretary what people are asking for. Then, get the permission of your pastor, parish council, whatever the process is, speak to the person in charge of communications, and whomever schedules facilities.

Does your parish have FORMED? There are so many excellent studies there that simply need a facilitator!

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