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I decided to call this thread “fertility awareness” instead of NFP because I’m not in a position to even think about having a family - unmarried (but dating) and I still have 3 semesters of school before I finish my BA.

I’m interested in fertility awareness because I’ve always had pretty wonky cycles. They were “fixed” for a year while I was on HBC, but after doing some research I don’t ever want to use drugs like that again! It also seems like useful information to have for when I do begin to consider marriage and starting a family.

Are there any tips/techniques that veterans might suggest to a newbie? I’m planning to use the internet as my primary resource because I’m in Europe for a few more months, so if there’s a website that you might recommend over others, I’d be most appreciative. From my research, it looks like a symptothermal method might be the most accurate, but I’m looking to hear what others have to say.

I imagine that it’s harder to learn well without a real-time teacher, but seeing as I have nothing riding on it at the moment, it’s not a big deal if I do things imperfectly - though I do want to be as accurate as possible!


I would not classify STM as “the most accurate”. All of the major methods-- Billings, Creighton, and STM-- are accurate.

You can obtain self-study materials from Toni Weschler’s book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility is also good.

When you return to the States, take a class in whatever method you choose.


We use creighton now after using Billings in the beginning of our marriage. I have wacky cycles and once I started nursing, Billings became completely useless for me because of a crazy sleep schedule. We have loved Creighton and felt VERY comfortable learning it and using it. I would however suggest as the last poster did…getting help once you return to the states. But begin learning now and you’ll have plenty of questions.

See or

Best of luck!


More great websites…… has a free teaching guide online…… website about a great book…


hey…that’s what I’m doing! I have my introductory meeting on Thursday for CrMS, but I do know they can communicate with you long distance. I’ve always been wonky, too :slight_smile: And I’ve been on the BC since I was 14…about 6 yrs now. So I’m eager to do something more natural, and I hope it will help you as much as I hope it helps me! The PPVI institute a previous poster linked to would be a great place to start. They help you to chart your cycles, and by looking at your charts, they can figure out exactly why your cycles are wonky and actually solve the cause, not the symptoms, which sounds amazing. I’m eager to see for myself if that’s true!

good luck!


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