Starting on my discernment

I asked Jesus to suggest a way and He said become a discalced Carmelite


Anything more specific than that? Your moniker indicates female. Where are you located? Your age will also be a determining factor. If you’re over 35, I can post a list of Carmels in the US who take women over 30.

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Praying for you and your vocation.


So I am a 65 year old female. I became a Catholic in 2012 because Jesus told me to
I was previously (and still am) Jewish
Jesus told me to start a mission to take in pregnant and wayward girls, to introduce them to the grace of Jesus, to save the lives and souls of women and children, and to offer succor to anyone in need
It’s a hard task.

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Are you doing this?

How did Jesus tell you?

You might enjoy reading up on Rosalind Moss, a Jewish woman who became Catholic, and started this Order:

Blessed are the Jewish People, the first to receive the Covenants of the LORD,
Deacon Christopher


I’m trying…I’m not really sure how to go about it. I do take people in, been doing that since childhood

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Have you been in touch with the Carmelites. They can offer much assistance in discernment. Talking with A spiritual director ir vocations officer from your Diocese can help too. I recently concluded a discernment and entered a community. My decision was based much on which way to head. My Bishop was a very wise ear in that.

You are in my prayers.

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It’s really hard to explain. I “hear” his words kinda in my head. Or, for instance, at mass I dwell on the question. And everything I see for days points in the same direction
Am I doing it wrong?

Thank you, Mercy. Remember that though my body is old, my spirit is a Catholic child. A lot of ignorance but I’m learning. How do I find a spiritual advisor—one who doesn’t think I’m nuts

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You are the second person to mention Rosalind Moss. You see? Watch the signs. Clearly I will find my way to her

Thank you

Since you are thinking of becoming a third order disqualified carmelite, contact the nearest people to you. To do that, contact the diocese and they will know. Also ask to speak with their vocations director. That is a good start.
Are you a weekly Mass goer?
And your profile is confusing , it gives a male name :slight_smile:

BTW you are either Catholic or Jewish as in practicing religion. Are you matrilineal Jewish?

You’re what’s known as a “Hebrew Catholic.” I have one on our Gilbertines Yahoo Group. He has founded a new community in Australia.

My new congregation’s pro-life ministry, dedicated to the Holy Innocents, prays daily for pro-life vocations, so I’m encouraged to read of your apostolate.

There are contemplative-active Discalced Carmelite sisters out there. Study their lives.

Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus:

Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles:

They are known as “Hebrew Catholics” only to a small segment of Catholics. Certainly no person who is Jewish would regard a person who believes in the divinity of Jesus as still Jewish…

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Who did you take in as a child?

I don’t know the word matrilineal. I go to mass two or three days a week plus Sunday
What male name? I practice Catholicism. You would have to actually be Jewish to understand. Remember that I have 50 years of immersion study at Judaism that you probably don’t. So I WILL attend my father’s Jewish funeral. And I will light a yisker candle for because it’s right

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Actually we are generally referred to as messianic Jews and that is a wrong assumption. Certainly my family considers me Jewish even though they drove me to the Latin Mass (across town even though the Novus Ordo mass was down the block) when I was visiting. Maybe I just have a great family

When I was a kid my folks took in and when my mom was a kid my grandparents did

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I was also born Jewish. But once one believes in Jesus, one is no longer Jewish, as Jews explicitly do not accept Jesus as the Messiah. My family of course continues to love me, as I love them, and I of course attend Jewish events that involve my family (and others–as well as religious events in other faiths that involve people I am close to). But that doesn’t make me Jewish any longer.

There is no such thing as a “messianic Jew.” That is a term only used by Christians. No believing Jew believes in Jesus as divine, the messiah, etc. A “messianic Jew” is, um, a Christian.

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