Starting Over

Rescent one of our Muslim friends asked in this forum if Jesus ever said he was God. Perhaps, in answering the question I trancended the boundries of charity, even though I simply allowed the words of Jesus to speak for themselves. If this upset any of our Muslim friends then I am truly sorry for that, but not for stating the truth as has been handed down by the Catholic Church for two thousand years.

Most of the time in this forum, there is a tendency for Christians to be bound to use the Qu’ran, a book which we are less familiar with than any Muslim, to make our arguments. Let us therefore, start again, rephrasing the question. Origionally it was asked if it could be explicitly proven from the bible that Jesus said he was God, so let us ask it this way:

**Can anyone prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jesus was not God. **

And for the sake of fairness, if we allow one set of scriptures, than all of us should consider the other on an equal basis, otherwise we shall once more deteriorate into the my scripture can beat up your scripture problem that this forum is constantly plagued with.

Hey but for grace youre on a roll here :slight_smile:

Well, look, using the two different holy books this will be impossible, since the bible will prove he IS god while the qur’an will prove he ISNT.

So lets save the time and say that we agree to disagree.

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