Starting RCIA soon; please pray for me

I hope it’s ok to post this here…In September I will be starting RCIA at (as far as I can tell anyway) an orthodox Catholic parish that has EF Masses on Holy days and such. * If any of you out there could pray for me I’d much appreciate it.*

Last year I attended RCIA at a different parish. It was not a good experience; that parish was very dedicated to modernist ideology. The catechist repeatedly told the RCIA class that it’s ok to be “pro-choice” and Catholic. (I recently, belatedly, reported her to the Archdiocese and the CDF, so I’ve probably got a target on my back now.)

I have been interested to read what some of the early church Fathers said about the See of Peter, and I find it interesting that the Vatican is also physically built on Peter’s tomb, so I feel I should give Catholicism another look. On the other hand I really have a problem with some of the things I’m reading in Vatican II documents, and with the Alinskyite-Marxist agenda of the USCCB. I see huge similarities between the Puritan iconoclasts of 16th century England and the “Spirit of Vatican II” modernists of the past four decades; they did the SAME THINGS such as ripping out tabernacles, replacing altars with movable tables, de-sacramentalizing the liturgy, etc… Hopefully the catechists can help explain these things to me; where the real Church is and how she will actually survive such a messed up time as the modern era has become.

Dear Alex111,

How wonderful and welcome–you are an inspiration to us.

A good prayer to say everyday while you go through the process AND after:

Stay very close to the Holy Ghost(Spirit) and call upon Him often. Ask for wisdom and guidance to strengthen your faith and to be led in the right direction. And that He will send the right people into your life to help you grow in holiness.

You’ll be in my prayers at Mass tomorrow and in the rosary.

God’s blessings to you!:thumbsup:

I start RCIA in September, too! Please pray for me also. Thanks

Got it! Alex111, Makarios and all those starting or going through RCIA. I will pray you be lead toward the True Faith, the Faith passed down through the ages as the apostles taught and the saints expounded on.

Remember to pray, pray, pray-read, read, read-then pray, pray, pray some more. If someone tells you something that just doesn’t sit right–get it clarified by a holy priest. Priests very close to Our Lady, rarely go wrong. (Remember that!)

Spend lots of time before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, ask the Holy Ghost(Spirit) for guidance everyday, say the Rosary (remember to meditate on the mysteries) and read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Meditate on it. Often times the Baltimore Catechism can help give a simple explanation on a subject and then take it to The Catechism for expounding. PRAY-PRAY-PRAY!

I attended RCIA 2 years ago and it was wonderful. I am loving God and the Parish I attend. One of the best things I have done in my life. I will pray for you and all persons starting their journey with Christ and his true church through the RCIA program.
Corey of Bremerton.

I love RCIA. I am on the religious education staff at my church, so I have witnessed many people joining the Church. Ask lots of questions. The classes seem to drag on when the catechist is doing all of the talking. Many prayers for all of the RCIA enrollees.

I had a bad experience with liberal instruction at my RCIA classes too, but I eventually became an orthodox and loyal Catholic in spite of it. Good for you for recognizing what was wrong with your first attempt and giving it another try. I’m praying this time will be better.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Welcome home :slight_smile:


I am so glad you didnt give up, Alex. I am a product of the RCIA program as well as a catechist now.

Yes, it can be very hard and even confusing because there is so much “wiggle room” that different parishes allow when it comes to teaching the faith.

You have my prayers. Also a bit of a thought that helped me as I went thru.

Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by the “waves” around us in the stormy seas that can be our spiritual journey with Christ. Remember to keep your eyes on Him, even when those waves swell high and try to get in your way or make you fearful.

Blessings! and Prayers!

Done! :thumbsup:

I second all of this…These were fundamental to me as I went thru RCIA…

Esp having access to a priest who has a great devotion to Our Lady and praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Prayer prayer prayer was HUGE

For me, devotion to the Rosary came later as well as the CCC (I could only do so much at the time).

I will most definitely pray for you, beloved brother! My own soul will be tried greatly with R.C.I.A. starting next month… we should all pray for each other, wondrous creatures of God. Thankfully I have my 1962 Missal and a D-R Bible, so if the R.C.I.A. laity give us any bizarre dynamic equivalence, I’ll be ready to pounce. :wink: God’s help is with us all if we just pour ourselves out, naked and bloodied, on the sacrificial altar of prayer. This will help us really prepare for the star-studded beauty that will be our first Holy Communion with the Lord.

I’ll be very glad to pray for you:) please pray for me. i need prayers.

PS I have been praying for you guys.

Maybe we should make this the RCIA thread for the year or something. I’d love it if we could get some status updates from people who are going through the process, and those of us who do the instructing can talk about how our candidates/catechumen are doing (I’m always game to see how other catechists do things) .

On a related note; please pray for one of the youth on my parish. He’s going into Grade 9 in September, and will hitting for the cycle [Baptism, Confirmation, First Eucharist, and (later on) Reconciliation] at the Easter Vigil.

Thank you all; I am praying for other new catechumens also. And I have been doing a ton of reading this Summer.

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