Starting RCIA this fall ☺️


I can’t tell y’all how excited I am to finally be starting RCIA! It’s been nearly 2 years in the making. About 1.5 years ago I began questioning doctrinal beliefs of my childhood church (Nazarene) that were in direct opposition to beliefs of the (Southern Baptist) church my husband, children and I attend. Both claimed to be right, with neither conceding to the other. Long story short, after much reading, digging into the Early Church Fathers, and early church history, I found myself doggie paddling the Tiber. :blush:
My husband is ok with me going to RCIA, and holds many Catholic beliefs, but is very attached to our church. Our kids love going there, as well.
We have attended mass together, and I am trying to live out the Catholic faith as much as possible.

What gives you strength to keep on? How do you deal with relatives who are strongly anti-Catholic? Also, any tips on how I can continue living out what I now believe to be true when it’s a difficult and sensetive issue with my husband? I’m so stinking excited about RCIA and the wealth of the liturgical year, but I don’t want to drive him crazy in the process.

Thanks in advance for your kind responses. :relieved:


Pray…a lot! Start incorporating Novenas. They are immensely helpful.

Start doing research as to why you’re celebrating liturgical seasons such as advent and lent. So, if any questions come up you are ready with answers.

I don’t see why you can’t get your family involved with the fasting requirements because it’s entirely scriptural and very few Protestant denominations would object.

Also, don’t stop supporting your husband in his faith development…even if he never converts…you are his wife and that means he still counts on you to help with faith development and support.

Good luck and God bless.

We are the only practicing Catholics in our family. Everyone was raised and baptized Catholic, except my dad who was mainstream Protestant, but fell away. So…hubby and I deciding to convert/revert wasn’t too crazy…but we definitely don’t have support from either side with certain teachings of the faith…and I doubt my husband and my journey and experience will be enough to persuade anyone to revert to the faith.


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