Starting to feel like I don't belong in CC



I’ve been coming to these forums for some time, and I can’t help the feeling of unbelonging. Maybe it’s been the posts I’ve made or the way I express myself.

Maybe I’ve been coming here too much. Any advice?



A Catholic forum is not the way to judge where you belong.
People are not the way you judge which Church is for you.
If your heart has lead you to the Catholic Church, and if your intellect has lead you to the CC, it is where you belong.



Forgot who said this but the quote goes "if you can't say anything nice about anybody -- come sit by me."

You sound exactly like the kind of child of God God especially cherishes.

Remember, He is the hope for the hopeless, the misfits, those square pegs who cannot fit into the nicely prepared and well-advertised round holes.

He also said "seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be answered" or something like that.

Please feel free to pm or email me. And bless you for your honesty.



I looked at all your posts and don’t see many on the family forum. Why do you feel you don’t belong here? Have you a question or issue that you think is best discussed on the family forum? Then this is where you belong.

It seems many of your posts concentrate on topics concerning Muslims. If that is an area of particular concern to you, those are best discussed on the non-Catholic religions forum.

I am not able to see from your past posts why you feel you “don’t belong” or where it is you feel that. Do you mean in the forums? If you mean you don’t feel you belong in the Catholic Church, even if every single person here was uncharitable to you, I cannot imagine you would judge the entire Church by a few people who don’t know internet courtesy.

The only way to determine if you belong in the Catholic Church is to contact your local parish and begin the process of personal inquiry and humble willingness to be instructed in the Faith, and accept assistance on that journey. Welcome home, no matter how long the journey takes you.


Brother, if Its not helpful for you, then you should cut it out of your life.
Or you might wanna only go into certain topics or discussions. I personally avoid certain topics that get my blood boiling.

I have spent some time on other Christian forums, and I have found that CAF is far the best for me. I have heard so much confused nonsense and also just weird or rude things in non-Catholic forums and I can’t help but think this is a reflection of Christian people who do not have guidelines in terms of teachings on moral-ethic topics from their churches.

This is just my experience.
I am a convert to the Catholic church and it has not always been easy… But somehow, the more I see, the more I feel something really healthy, coherent and holistic is going on here, that I can’t find similarly in any other church… and it’s reflected on CAF where people at least try to be polite and helpful. I have been helped many times here and encouraged beyond what I could have ever hoped. I owe a lot to a bunch of strangers whose identity only God knows.

Sometimes me and the others at CAF give into our passions and say something impatient, or we become irrational (Eg. someone might say: “Believe it because the Church says so”, to a person who isn’t even convinced about the authority of the Church).

However, there is human weakness everywhere, so

I hope you stick around and discuss the things you find difficult to swallow.

Ciao :slight_smile:


I lurked around CAF for about a month before I joined, so I’ve been coming here since about mid-February. I’ve observed in this time that some members vigorously espouse opinions that are, to put it diplomatically, striking both terms of their understanding of the issue under discussion as well as their limited background knowledge. This is especially true, I’ve found, in threads about non-Catholic religions and current events.

I’ve come to the conclusion that some members are very young (both in terms of age and maturity level) and/or have a world view that doesn’t extend much beyond what they’ve seen on television or read about on the interwebs.

Try to stick to threads that you find charitable and try to stay out of threads where folks are being uncharitable or ignorant. And frankly, if you want a rational, open-minded discussion of religions other than Catholicism, visit websites devoted to those specific religions.


Ha! I’ve been “ganged up on”, “yelled at”, “admonished”, “argued with” and even “persecuted” more on this web site than in my entire life! Do I feel like I don’t belong? Heck, no! I fit right in!! It is a forum, so people are free to express their opinions and there are an infinite number of opinions out there to be expressed. You’d be really lucky to find ONE person on this whole forum who thinks exactly like you. Each of us is like a fingerprint - no two alike.


Maybe it’s more like you feel you don’t feel like you belong at CA. :wink: I get that way with other catholic online communities every now and then. I’ve said goodbye to people who felt they were unworthy…I’ve said goodbye to people who felt a certain community was not “Catholic enough” for their personal tastes…

Exactly…The best you can do is see that some people agree with you sometimes. But no one’s going to agree with you all the time.

I’m in a mixed marriage, I wear jeans to Mass, and I deal with infertility (in spite of my signature). It’s not like I haven’t had my share of uncomfortable feelings here too. But this place is so diverse it is very difficult to say “I do not belong here”. The thing to keep in mind is that the majority of people mean well in whatever they say. There’s a human being behind every screen name with opinions. Each voice is valuable.

Also consider that people tend to be a more…gutsy when online. I tend to avoid particularly heated discussion (unless it’s something I feel particularly strongly about) but I still put myself “out there” more than I would in person. :slight_smile:


Here’s my 2 cents: This is just a forum. I personally do not let anyone annoy me with their posts. First of all, it is only their opinions; so if you feel that it is starting to get under your skin, then just close up the laptop. Not that I’ve done it. I always take people’s “advice” with charity. I imagine that when I “talk” online, I would have the same tone as if I were talking to them in person. That way I know I’m always polite by choosing the right words and not be offensive. Also, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I see everyone here as my spiritual brothers and sisters. Really. After all, I don’t have to look very far for dysfunctionality :rotfl:


Oh wow, this threat exploded. :eek:

Thanks for all your advice.



[quote="MontChevalier, post:10, topic:237933"]
Oh wow, this threat exploded. :eek:

Thanks for all your advice.



See you do fit it!!! :D:p


Hang in there!


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