Starting to Resent my Mother


I am finally making progress in my vocational discernment. I am growing even closer to God each day. I am slowly becoming a person with so much spiritual depth. My calling to be a priest or religious brother is becoming louder each day. There is one road blocker. My mom. I always have the best intentions and try to please her everyday. It’s just not working. An before anybody presumes, I am not wanting to be a priest or religious brother because I want to separate myself from these issues. I have a true calling. How do I deal with this? Thanks.


First, I’d say take it one day at a time. If I recall correctly from your first post regarding your discernment, you are 16 years old and you really have only begun discerning in this past month.

You have years ahead of you until you’ll begin making any concrete steps in discerning your vocation. As long as you are living in your parents’ home, you need to respect their authority and that includes areas where you might conflict with your mother. Dealing with parents isn’t always easy, but think of how much they are probably sacrificing for you. You don’t really describe how it isn’t working, but have you spoken to your mom about this?


Have you talked to your Mom about your vocation? If you have, what did you tell her, and what was her response? I really want to help you out, but I don’t know enough of the situation to be able to help you. I’d be more than happy to talk with you about it if you’d like. Much Love.


You didn’t give much detail why you are resenting her. When I was 16 I thought my mom was terrible because she wasn’t taking my life plan seriously. I’m 24 now and looking back, I understand her. I changed my mind once between 16 and 18 and while I was in college I changed my major like 3 times. I think it is awesome that you are feeling called to the religious life, but you may change your mind a few times.


This is certainly a test of patience, and you must realize that your mother is always watching out for your best interest, that is what mothers do.

It is important to look at things through her perspective and to be obedient to her as you follow your call.

Be at peace,

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