Startng to evangelize


I want to start to evangelize, how could I do it when I am aloner on the street, in hospital or places like that?



By being the best Catholic you can, and in living and outwardly Christian life. A good example, a kind and compassionate person. Someone who is not critical. Someone who reaches out to help.
In a more formal structure, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or similar ministry. People are hurting everywhere. Offer to take communion to the sick and homebound for your parish. Many at home are fallen away.
Be the hands and feet of Christ in everything you do.
Peace, and good luck!

But, when I am alone, where can I evangelize and when?
How to do it with people on the street, in the bus or places like that or in hospital, school?

What kind of activities can I do?

Doing volountary is good, but I also want to help some people more personnally.


Hello Hope 19! Have you thought of maybe starting a blog? Maybe making youtube videos about the faith? God Bless!

Well, (and this is just my personal opinion) I think a person has to wait until someone inquires about the faith. I myself, don’t appreciate it when people accost me with their religious viewpoints like they assume I’m not a Christian.
Sometimes it is in ordinary conversation. I make it a practice to say “God bless you” to all salespeople and others who show me a kindness, like giving their seat on the bus, or letting me go ahead in the line at the grocer. Small things like that. Sometimes someone will say "Oh, are you a Christian? and then I say yes, I’m Catholic. They invariably proceed to ask questions, and THERE is my opportunity to either 1) Share faith experiences, 2) re-Catechize fallen away Catholics, or 3) correct misconceptions about the faith.
I generally wait for an opening. I don’t approach strangers. I also teach the faith in a parish, so I have plenty of opportunities what with non-Catholic parents, visitors, and the people I regularly are responsible for.
You might want to volunteer at the parish Sunday school program. It’s a good place to test your skills, and the children are lovely. You’d be amazed at how much your can learn from children as to TRUST in the Lord. They get it. Sometimes we adults make it too complicated.
When you say you are ALONE…how do you mean that?

It is a good idea! :slight_smile:
Could you help me to create it (the blog)?
Thanks. :slight_smile:


I mean that I don’t have people to go with me to evangelize.


So you want to be a missionary?

Maybe, or evangelizing alone.

Maybe you’d enjoy working with CRS…Catholic Relief Services.
Check them out!
Good luck!

Contact these guys:

Their organization looks great.


St. Paul Street Evangelization. Look them up, theyre really cool! I actually do not participate because im a minor but i plan to when im 18. Its a really nice ministry on American street corners.

wow that looks great. I think we need more street evangelisation. The other day I was at the Manly wharf, and there were jehovahs witness’s there saying they can help with stress. I thought how in days gone by there might have been a saint standing and fasting on top of a pillar. :smiley: I wished I could see something like that! It would have really outdone those Jehovahs witness.

Yeah I saw a group of mormons standing in the corner with all their bikes, planning their strategy as i walked by. One pair goes on these streets, one pair goes to these houses, one pair stands on a street corner. I was thinking, “We need something like that in the RCC. It would be so FUN too.”

Thanks, I called them.


I registered. Thanks.


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