Starving Boy, 7, Found Trying to Sell Teddy Bear for Food. Police Feed and Take Care of Him

Ohio “Officer Steve Dunham found the unnamed 7-year-old trying to sell his stuffed animal outside a drug store… 'It broke my heart,” Dunham told WLWT. “He told me he was trying to sell his stuffed animal for food because he hasn’t eaten in several days.”
Then he fed him.
This story stands for all the acts of charity we usually never hear about.
The 7-year old and his four brothers were removed from their house and taken to unidentified relatives.

That story broke my heart. His teddy bear…I know how much I loved my teddy bear when I was little. May God bless the policeman who found him. But how many children are out there who are abused or not properly cared for and are not found? Please pray for them.

Geesh… Wow. I’ve long been saying that parts of the Midwest are third world. But honestly, while the level of poverty there is large, this really could happen anywhere. We need to be Active in our own communities. This could be your neighbor.

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