State denies cancer treatment, offers suicide instead

State denies cancer treatment, offers suicide instead
’To say, we’ll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live, it’s cruel’

State officials have offered a lung cancer patient the option of having the Oregon Health Plan, set up in 1994 to ration health care, pay for an assisted suicide but not for the chemotherapy prescribed by her physician.

The story appears to be a happy ending for Barbara Wagner, who has been notified by a drug manufacturer that it will provide the expensive medication, estimated to cost $4,000 a month, for the first year and then allow her to apply for further treatment, according to a report in the Eugene Register-Guard.

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Another example of the Population Control’s out of control behavior.

I’m beginning to wonder if we really did defeat the Nazis considering many of their ideals are beginning to be imposed on this country. :mad:

What ideals? Do you mean contraception and abortion as “Nazi ideals?” And BTW, I do not trust euthaniasia to be a government policy.

Supporting euthaniasia. I guess the only difference between Oregon and Nazi Germany was that Nazi Germany only used it to target the socially undesirables. But Oregon still has time. Who would’ve thought that any government would condone assisted suicide/euthaniasia in the first place? But when we allow abortion as a right, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

From the way the world is moving in relation to all things life-oriented, the actions of a lot of governments / world powers are saying that the Nazi’s were not wrong at all, just misplaced in time.

Shocking, nothing more than shocking.

I think it was wrong to offer assisted suicide as option but I do think offering hospice care would have been acceptable.

I think we have to also that their is limited resources in the world. She did not have the money to pay for insurance so she had the state health care. She would have died in another state from her first bout with cancer. The state however only has a limited amount of money and has to think where it can best be served. Her medication alone costs about 50,000 dollars a year and that does not include all her medical needs, than factor in that its a deadly form of cancer that has a low probability of survival anyways. The money can be used to help someone with a better chance. Once again I do not agree with assissted suicide.

Don’t forget that Oregon did not abolish its Board of Social Protection (formerly named Board of Eugenics) until 1983 and practiced forced sterilization as late as 1981.

Its values are a bit different than the rest of the country.

Can we give Oregon and the entire west coast to Canada or Mexico?

Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Abortion, Death Penalty, Gang Violence, Murder…Population Control.

From the sanctioned to the outlaw…boy! we’re really rolling now!

Isn’t modern 21st Century civilization great.?

Gospa Mir.

I have expressed my opinion on this many times in the past. Society is teetering on the brink of an implosion that will make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a bright sunny summer day.

I feel that you are correct.

There are three events in the not so distant future which will manifest God’s mercy: The Warning, the permanent Miracle and the Chastisement.

It saddens me to think how many people will not be overwhelmed by these events.

Our job is to pray my friend.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

The true question is, Is Oregon America’s worst state? The evedence is mounting. Plus the fact the Portland is a wanbee San Francisco, at which it fails misrebely.

No one knows the day or the hour.

This is also correct.

Which is why we need to pray incessantly.

Gospa Mir!

This is universal health care at its worst. Is this the future of American medical care?

And people wonder why I am looking at other countries to move to.

I agree with you that this is a stinky example of state health care. The thing is, it all boils down to money being more important than people. See, she couldn’t afford private health care (nor can I). This is the logical end to a system where only the wealthy can afford life saving treatment - which is what we have with a for-profit insurance and health-care industry. What we need, IMO, is a health care system that treats everyone regardless of ability to pay or expense of life-saving treatment. The poor should not have to die because they can’t afford treatment. It is the private sector that has made this the case, not the state - which with limited funds due to social welfare cuts, can’t provide her with expensive care. IMO, this is an indictment of the for-profit healthcare system, not the state (who is doing all they can but have no funds - “no more tax increases” comes home to roost). :frowning:

Pretty cruel, considering the government literally injected the cancer virus into millions of people in the 1950’s, themselves, through polio shots containing the SV40 monkey virus. They should be grateful that no one has ever attempted to launch a class action lawsuit.

So if she was wealthy this scenario would have never happened. So how come no one recommended that she pay for the drug herself in the free market? How come none of the conservatives here didn’t think this was market failure.

Sickening… just sickening! The Oregon state government should be ashamed of itself! Lord have mercy on us all!

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