State Department highlights blasphemy laws in annual religious freedom report [CC]


The US State Department has issued its annual international religious freedom report and highlighted the relation between blasphemy laws and human rights violations in “deeply conservative Islamic societies.”



The report continued, “In addition to the danger of mob violence engendered by blasphemy accusations, courts in many countries continued to hand down harsh sentences for blasphemy and apostasy, which were used to severely curtail the religious freedom of their residents.”

The Blasphemy Laws that are currently being used in many Islamic countries are a tool or religious oppression and vendettas. What is very concerning is the way the Blasphemy Laws are used against religious minorities who are strong in their faith. The Blasphemy Laws are being used by many countries that are predominantly Muslim to suppress the religious liberty of Christians and other minorities.

I do fear that it is inevitable that there will eventually be a great conflict between Islam and the rest of the world unless their in a reform within Islam.

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