State Department to reopen Clinton probe

US State Department to restart investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified materials while in office

This is good. I want her to be exposed as corrupt and not qualified to be President.

I am with you, but just how powerful is the Clinton-Obama-Lynch regime? After what we have witnessed these last 10 days they will be getting desperate. The convention is weeks away.

Then you better hope the REpublican nominate someone other than Donald TRump!

An interesting turn of events-- I wonder how that came about?

They are extremely powerful. They control most of the government.

This will just lead to some of her aides getting sacked at the most. When it comes to getting Clinton herself… if anything, it will be the upcoming perjury charge.

because something is rotten in Denmark.

Let’s see, Hillary…

  • Used an unauthorized private email server for government business, that she was advised against using.

  • Allowed classified emails on the server unencrypted.

  • Handled the server with such low security that it was very likely hacked.

  • Deleted emails from the server when they were at risk of federal investigation and public scrutiny.

  • Allowed private lawyers to view the emails, including the classified ones, with no clearance

  • Potentially lied to the FBI about the matter

  • Lied under oath to Congress during the Benghazi hearing

How could she not be charged with something? Honestly, people need to get over the never Trump thing, and realize that as bad as he may be, Hillary is just far worse.

I’m ok with him! :thumbsup:

You won’t be the day after the election1!

So she can get away with it for a second time! :nope:

I’d be far less okay with Clinton.

And that’s why you won’t be liking Trump on the day after the election when Clinton is the President elect!

You know… This just might be the reason. Obama having the State department “reopening” the investigation just to lie and say she did nothing wrong.

Honestly… The Obama controlled State Department is not going to accuse her of anything … Unless it’s being done by career people who are ticked off with her. But even then, will Obama’s lapdogs do anything?

Of course not.

The State Department investigation had been suspended until the FBI investigation was complete. They are likely looking to see if anyone still employed by State was involved in the email fiasco and, if so, take some sort of action.

The two issues are separate. The incompetency and corruption of Clinton is independent of who is facing her in an election.

Except that if she is facing someone that isn’t incompetent and corrupt like Donald Trump she’d be a lot less likely to win!


That doesn’t change who she is, or what she has done.

She is at least not responsible for an American electorate choosing Trump.That is on the GOP electorate.

But that does not give the State Department free reign to ignore the law, as if preventing the election of Trump is a higher priority than justice itself.

If justice is not blind, then it is not justice. The incompetency and corruption of HRC is independent of any election. Courts need to limit themselves to the issue of justice, and let the electorate sort out the elections for themselves.

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