State: Gay marriage to begin June 17 in California


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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - California officials are telling county clerks that they can start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on June 17. The state Office of Vital Records says it chose June 17 because the state Supreme Court has until the end of business on June 16 to decide whether to grant a stay of its ruling legalizing gay marriage.

Gay rights advocates and some clerks initially thought couples would be able to wed as early as June 14 - exactly 30 days after the court’s May 15 ruling.

New marriage license forms also will include lines for “Party A” and “Party B” instead of bridge and groom.


What do you think of the new:
Party A & Party B?

Congrats to all the happy couples! I wish you a long and fruitful union together. :thumbsup: :cool:

Fruitful???:confused: :rolleyes:

I’m ashamed to say that I’m from California. :frowning:

This stuff makes me want to puke. :frowning:

Hey, don’t be ashamed, this is not our fault. The judges paid no regard for the vote of the people, or the legislation… We had no control over this.

Love for each other, they can adopt (through the state until CC comes around) and raise a healthy, happy family. :thumbsup: :cool:

I’m not!!!


I do wonder who the clergy mentioned is? I only pray the man is not a Catholic priest. McNew, Getty Images
Beginning June 17, just over a month after the state Supreme Court reversed a voter-approved gay marriage ban, same-sex couples will officially be able to get married in California. Above, a clergyman and an activist march in a gay pride parade in Long Beach, Calif., earlier this month.

Here is the link to the news article mentioned by the OP:

June 17th… too late for the LA Pride celebration, but plenty distant from the San Francisco Pride events, so hotel rooms should be available for marriage tourists.

Speaking of marriage tourism, Massachusetts has a requirement that only state residents can get married there (although I don’t know if it is enforced). Does California have something similar?


A story in the Daily Breeze (which may be a Torrance, CA based newspaper) mentioned that several ministers from the First Congregational Church of Long Beach marched in the parade carrying such signs.

And :confused:

My BIL is a Long Beach Firefighter, they were forced to work this parade. He was saying that one of the ladies who were with the parade got pulled over by a police officer for running a stop sign. Her comment to the cop was “You did this because I am gay, huh.” The officer said, “No, because you ran that stop sign.” Is this really how the gay community wants people to see them? Some of these people really need to calm down. They might see themselves as “winning” but, there really is such thing as “poor winners,” which some of these people are acting like.

Neither am I, the majority of us voters got it right the first time! :thumbsup:

I am no fan of the result, but the Constitutional analysis seemed correct to me. Things need to be done within the rule of law–amend the Constitution rather than passing unconstitutional statutes.

I am thinking that the man mentioned by KathleenElsie is a Congregational minister rather than a Catholic priest.

Ah! Thank your for the clarification. I appreciate it.

There will not be homosexual marriage in California on June 17th
.Calling something “marriage” doent make it so. Its a farce and no one knows it better than homosexuals themselves only a miniscule number of who will avail themselves of Califonia sanctioned “play marriages”

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