State of Michigan Shuts Down!

LANSING – After missing the midnight deadline and causing a brief, technical shutdown of state government, lawmakers early this morning approved most of a new state budget and a temporary budget that got the state gears moving again.

The agreements would erase a looming $2.8-billion deficit with no tax increases and substantial cuts in spending, from schools to Medicaid and mental health programs, aid to cities, environmental programs and government operations – including the Legislature.

"This temporary measure will maintain critical services while we continue to strive for a budget based on the priorities that matter to Michigan families,” Granholm said in a prepared statement.

But in a hint that she may veto parts of the permanent 2009-10 budget plan, she said she “has rejected Senate Republican cuts that eliminate college scholarships for over 50,000 Michigan students, slash funding for local police and fire services, and reduce funding critical to bringing new jobs to the state.”

The shutdown was for 2 hours, the extension only gives 30 days of operation.
In other news…Saturn is folding also. Thousands of workers will lose their jobs,dealerships will close…

Things are not looking good in Michigan.
It doesn’t help that it was 30 degrees this morning and it is just the first day in October, its gonna be a long cold winter here…

I’m so glad Jennifer Granholm was re-elected. She’s done so much for the state. :rolleyes:

I still remember her re-election shpiel: “In five years, you’ll be blown away!”

I guess she wasn’t lying. Michigan certainly has been blown away, hasn’t it? And with Comrade Obama in charge, the entire country is next.

Maybe Obama’s re-election slogan could be, “In five years, you’ll be a Chinese province!”

she “has rejected Senate Republican cuts that…reduce funding critical to bringing new jobs to the state.”

I’ve got a blinding news flash for you, Jen: funding is not your problem when it comes to jobs staying out of the state. What’s keeping jobs out of the state is the Michigan Business Tax. Nobody’s going to start a business in Michigan when they can start one elsewhere without having punishing taxes placed on their enterprise. Why the hell would they?

It’s not rocket science.

:rotfl:I was laughing at that when she said it, and I’m still laughing now. Toldyaso is just too easy. Can’t wait till Jen is gone away, anything will be better that how she has pulled this state into the mud. She and Kwami - what a team. :rolleyes:

State of Michigan: Blown away alright… :stretcher:


Yeah—I know a lot of people who have been “blown away”—they’ve been blown right out of the state in order to survive.

Wait isn’t shutting down government a good thing.:bounce:

I moved out when I was seventeen was thinking once I retire from the army I’ll move back I think the only reason I didn’t was because of the cold I got used to Texas weather, glad I did.

I still have three brothers living there but hey they’re retired they don’t have to work.

The bad economy hit us here in Central Texas but not as bad as Michigan I keep telling some of my nephews and nieces to move down here but their attitude is they want to work for $30 to $55 dollars an hour and these people have only a high school diploma and are unskilled labor.:eek:

So they’re sitting at home waiting for some high paying job.

The problem with the Michigan business tax is it is a tax on gross receipts. That means you pay it whether you are making money or not. It goes to show you how clueless the Govt in Michigan is. Faced with income tax shortfalls becuase businesses are losing money Michigan decides the way to solve the problem is not to create a business enviroment where businesses make money-they decide the solution is to find a way to tax companies that are losing money!

Precisely. Virtually the only businesses that are booming in Michigan right now are the casinos run by the Chippewa and Ottowa Indians----and that’s only because they’re tax-free. Nobody else has the break the Native Americans are getting, and as a result, they won’t touch this state.

Meanwhile, Jenny runs around to Japan, and China, and Sweden, and everywhere else, begging companies to open factories in Michigan. It ain’t gonna happen. As I said, why would they?

And sit they will. The days of those jobs are long gone, and I’m ok with that.

Hoping they find something, or just move to where they have better options.


Wow. Now Detroit can’t bury their dead:±+Oct.+1%2C+2009&expire=-1&urlID=411752412&fb=Y&

I think I’ll start a new thread with this.

Yep totally agree.

I will use some of my travel time to research a study I heard about that ranks the states by friendliness to business.

This will remind me.

Is it really true that the average price of a home in Michigan has dropped from 70K to 7K? I heard that on the radio last week.

I realize that some of those homes are inevitably slums and such, but come on…

If it is true, then that’s 3 homes for the price of a new car.:eek:

Michigan is a very large place - be careful how you call our homes slums. :mad: Now if you had said Detroit you would not be too far off the mark in some areas of the city, and yes, many of those homes are just about worthless now. It’s bad all over, but we don’t all live in slum housing here in Michigan.


Originally Posted by stanmaxkolbe
So they’re sitting at home waiting for some high paying job.

I’m confused. You are saying that you are okay with the fact that good paying jobs are long gone? I don’t get it…would you prefer poorly paid jobs? Is that the type of job you are looking for to raise your family? I must be misunderstanding. Could you clarify?

Ours (in a suburb of Detroit) went from $170 to $60. And we live in a nice area! So sad. :frowning:

I am extremely glad that someone with little to no education is making an exorbitant wage, while those who have taken the time to educate themselves or learn a trade can’t find a job. The union requires that broom pushers and toilet cleaners are paid far beyond their requirements - simply because they are part of the UAW. This is insanity, and not fair - and I am not one to use the “not fair” card very often, if at all.

Good paying jobs are great - when the pay is commensurate with the education, skill, and position. This is not the case, and not what we are talking about.

It is horribly sad - my house is not worth what I owe on it, we are stuck here for the duration. But neither of us are in what would be considered to be slum housing by any means.


I disagree. I don’t think higher pay should result from only higher education, but also harder work. I think manual labor should be paid well. A lot of men ruin their knees, hurt their backs, etc. with manual labor. My husband is one of them. I’m not saying that they should make MORE than those who went to college, but equal, depending on the amount of labor. I am college educated, and my husband is not. He certainly works harder than I do!

Yep, same here. Very sad.

You are completely missing the point. I was with someone for over 11 years who was a journeyman glazier, and he worked his butt off compared to what I do. But he deserved the pay he got. That is the difference. There are members of the UAW who are being paid an exorbitant wage ONLY because they belong to the union. Even if they do a crummy job, they can’t be fired. I know this - I work in the auto industry. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with someone being paid for their work and skill - but I have a major issue with someone being paid beyond their worth simply because the union says they will.


Oh, I guess I did miss your point. I agree with this then. :slight_smile:

I remember looking at houses there a few years ago just to see what they were like (since a friend of a friend of my dad’s lives there). One house that I found is just like ours (bungalow), except it has an additional floor, and was 1/2 the cost of our house at something like $120,000. Ours would be (or would have been before the housing bubble burst) $240,000 easy. I can only imagine our house would be $1,000,000 in California. After all, if a shack can go for $650,000 in California on one of those house flipping shows on TLC…

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