State of the Union Address


Anyone bothering to watch thePOTUS recycle his talking points tonight?


I don’t think I can hack it quite frankly, listening to anything else from Obama>



I’d rather eat nails. BUT, I am thinking about saying a Rosary during the speech. I am glad the father of the late Glenn Doherty will be there, and I pray the Holy Spirit moves some consciences in that room.


Article link:

State of the Union: Guests invited to make a point,0,2588742.story#axzz2rinVJmJ0


Rockets are on.


I don’t believe anything Obama says, and I cannot stand to watch someone so deceptive.


:thumbsup: What a great idea! I think I will say a rosary too. Had no intentions of watching but this is a great idea. Thank you.


I never watch State of the Union- no matter the President.


Great idea.

I usually don’t watch (regardless of who is president). Not only does the current president try my patience with his prevarications, I can’t stand the fake applause. If I watch at all, it will be from the DVR so I can fast forward those “ovations” like I do commercials.


I’m the opposite. Though I’ll probably be listening more than watching most of it, as I won’t be home when it starts.


Why would anyone bother? He can recycle his talking points tonight, the other side of the aisle can recycle theirs tomorrow.


I’ll watch and see what he’s got to say. I got nothing else to do, anyway.


Nope. I can always find something else to watch/do. :slight_smile: :gopray:


Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers is giving the Republican response.




Don’t you know it by heart by now?


Nope. Would rather watch paint dry.




I get too enraged everytime I see him speak to allow myself to watch it. I have young children in my house. I’d rather just watch a rerun of Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar.” Much funnier and same level of honesty.

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Well, pity me for being the only person on this forum who doesn’t want a millstone around the President’s neck.

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