State police ID suspect in deadly ambush at barracks in Poconos


I’m from the general area that this occured so I’ve been watching for updates. Like most of these sovereign citizen types this will probably end violently. Hopefully they can catch him sleeping so he doesn’t have a chance to shoot anybody else or himself.

I haven’t seen anything that specifically identifies this guy as a soverign citizen but he certainly walks the walk. According to law enforcement they are considered to be the top terrorist threat in the U.S, and it’s on the rise. I have noticed more anti-police and anti-government attitudes on the internet recently and it’s mostly right wing. In fact some of the articles related to this story have anti-police comments! Are people really sympathetic to this movement?


I haven’t seen anything new on the OP. I seen it when the news broke this morning. I hope they catch him without incident also, he’s dangerous and in a fairly remote vacation area. High powered rifle/scope, woods and survivalist, and wants to hurt police sounds like a bad scene.

Way too many out here like this today, same disassociated thinking is what fuels the radical terrorism, it just gives the self destruction a purpose.


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