State reverses abortion decision at 2 Catholic colleges

Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration has reversed an earlier decision to allow two Catholic universities to eliminate coverage of most abortions for employees, saying state law requires health insurance plans to cover all abortions.

The state had previously allowed insurance companies to offer plans to Santa Clara and Loyola Marymount universities that denied coverage for “elective” abortions, and allowed it only for abortions needed to save a woman’s life or prevent serious health damage. Loyola Marymount, in Los Angeles, implemented its policy in January, while Santa Clara’s was due to take effect next year.

Urged by abortion-rights groups and university employees to reconsider the issue, Brown’s Department of Managed Health Care, in letters to be sent Friday to insurers for both universities, said the exclusions violate a 1975 state law that requires group health plans to cover all basic services - defined, by the law, as those that are “medically necessary.”

This is just downright disgusting and evil! Surely this is a violation of their religious freedom! I hope and pray that the appeal this disgusting law all the way to the Supreme Court and that the Supreme Court once again protects our religious freedom!

Since when are wants ruled medically necessary? Elective abortions and birth control are elective specifically because they are not necessary.

And the Political party Brown belongs to is?

I think the Colleges should adhere to the Faith and drop all insurance coverage for their employees.

Could not have said that any better Holly.

I like this argument and would throw it right back to the guv… "Ok, we’ll cover medically necessary abortions and BC. Oh, by definition, an elective procedure is not medically necessary. And since when has birth control EVER been medically necessary? Guess that means all can stay as it was before your letter. So sorry, but thank you for playing. "

Kind of like saying contraceptives are “medically necessary”. I only thing I can thing of is hormone therapy for things like menses disorders. I don’t know where the church stands on that.


In the culture of death abortion is considered a disease

Actually I thinks it more correct to say that children are the disease and birth control is the preventative medicine w/ abortion being the cure.:signofcross:

(that just turned my stomach to even type that)

Exactly! I guess we should expect plastic surgery to come next, another thing that is not a medical need.

Best medicine to prevent that is still abstinence. It has a 99.999999999999999999% success rate (the Blessed Mother being the only documented failure in history). But shhhhhhhhhhh, that appears to be the best kept secret in modern society-that this is even a treatment option anymore. :smiley:

nobody makes any money off of abstinence, what are you a communist? :wink:

Hmmm… I’ll bet the same party lots of Catholics vote for despite the pro-abortion policies.

Who would want to work for a place with no medical benefits when there are still businesses out there that care about their employee’s health? Seriously.

I think they should go a step farther. I think ANY Catholic organization that provides services - medical or otherwise - to people should, if mandated to provide insurance coverage that goes against the faith, simply close their doors and go out of business. And since Catholic organizations will no longer be available to provide said services, governments (and by extension, taxpayers) will have to take up the slack putting more strain on their budgets.

If all else fails, hit them in the wallet.

(And yes, turning needy people out to the streets might seem uncharitable but God has to come first.)

According to another article I read on the subject, the colleges have a third option and that is to self-insure. Many large companies already do that and by doing so are covered under federal insurance law and not this California twisted version. It would be a more expensive option. Perhaps the Catholic colleges and universities in California could form a joint employee pool which would create a large group and make self-insurance less costly.

Easy solution: Don’t offer health insurance anymore. Problem solved.

Then those people are free to find jobs elsewhere. No one is forcing them to work for these colleges.

This is the part I don’t get about the Catholic church’s position on the HHS mandate.

In this example, two Catholic colleges have been paying for insurance for contraception and abortions under California Law since the 1970s. These institutions apparently had no moral qualms about doing this whatsoever. The same goes for organizations like Catholic Charities:

Millions of Catholics continue to pay into insurance plans at work that cover contraception and abortion. Not a peep. Never has been a problem. Still isn’t a problem. No Catholic that I know of has chosen to opt out of their health coverage at work or quit their job as a result.

But now that the issue has been politicized, suddenly these colleges want out and everyone’s up in arms and claiming the moral high ground. When the California Law (which was used as a model along with the Connecticut law for the HHS mandate) went into effect (again back in the 1970s), it wasn’t opposed by the Catholic Church, nor was it even resisted by the Catholic Church for these many decades. No one cared.

How can the Catholic Bishops expect anyone to take them seriously as some sort of moral voice, when what they pay for behind the scenes is the opposite of what they oppose in public. (I guess to score some political points?)

I really do want to know.

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